Sunday, April 18, 2010

You and me together, baby!

Have you heard the new song by Dave Matthews Band called "You and Me"?

I am totally hooked on it.  Love it.

I am not a huge fan of Dave Matthews but as I was scanning through the radio stations on Friday on my way to go food shopping, I happened to stop on it.  I am not sure how long it has been out or around but it's the first that I heard it and I am very fond of it :)

Why do I like it so very much, I wonder...

I can only think of going away on a weekend trip w/my hubby.  If not longer!  It has been 10 wonderful years since our beautiful wedding and its been almost as long since we went away for a weekend or a few days.  I used to think that is crazy for some couples not to get away but here we are...We are that couple!  It is hard b/c of our 6 young children and the babysitting is not that available. 

We are so due to get away fora bit to focus on us-husband and wife, best friends.  Not just parents, but us- as the song says:

"You and me together, we can do anything,'s you and me forever, girl...we can do anything...two of us together, we can do anything..."

Please pray for us to make this means so much to us both! (Thank you so much!)

Great song!  Great lyrics!  Love it!

God bless,


Book Lover said...

Aww Mary, love that song too. I have fallen in love with your funny, smart babies on your blog. My older daughter (22) and I would love to keep them for a looong weekend. I wish we lived closer!You are so right, it is important for couples to get away and focus on each other. I will pray that God will work this out for your beautiful family.

Kim Chrisman

Mary said...

THanks so much for even offering! That means so much to me. It is so thoughtful!!! THanks for the prayers also.
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

Anonymous said...

How random is it that you found this song? It's Wil and I's first dance song for the wedding.. I so needed to hear it today.. I was so irritated that Wil took the leftovers for his lunch, that i had been looking forward to eating for dinner.. it's all good.. hearing this song helps the disappointment dissape.. it's only dinner and i've got other things i can eat.. so loving this song.. and so glad you like it=)

Mary said...

Kir! Get out! What a great song-great choice :)
What was that dinner that seemed to have been hit to both of you?!?! Recipe?
I've got my kids hooked on the song too. You should hear them singing it around the house-so cute!

GOd bless,