Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So, you too? *updated*

...still vacuuming up all that Easter grass.
...still playing hide and seek w/ plastic Easter eggs.
...still eating chocolate kisses, chocolate bunnies, all things chocolate-yum! ( I can't believe we still have candy in this house!)

Hey, it's still Easter, ya know.  Happy Easter Wednesday! and so... we're still celebrating!

*Update*:  ...we even broke out the little baby swimming pool!  I know, I know... can you imagine?!  It is only April 7th and it is 88* right now!  I did insist on no swimsuits, but I wish I caved in and just let them with all this laundry I quickly acquired.  Oh well!  Just last week this time, it was rainy, cloudy and cold. We are lovin' it!  Thank You dear Lord, thank you!
God bless,
Happy sweet eating!

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