Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday

Thanks SAM for allowing me to join in on your "Toy Review Tuesday". Since most of her advice on toys (and parenting! Thanks Sam and Rob-they are expecting #12 in a few weeks!) came from them both, I hope I don't duplicate any toy reviews. So, for this Tuesday, one of our all time favorite toys are the wooden tracks or Thomas the Train wooden train tracks. Even if they are not the classic Thomas brand, they all seem to fit in together. I get them at tag sales or freecycle or from friends.
This pic is not of our Thomas the train wooden track set but it's close to it.

What I like about Wooden Train Tracks:
  • All of my kids love them-from age 1 to 8 (so far!) and when our older cousins visit or Pop-Pop comes to play-these are a great toy for all ages :) This is one of my favorite things to play with my children-that is, when the baby is sleeping!
  • Very easy to put together

  • Create many different track designs

  • boys and girls BOTH like to play with them

  • All the wooden train tracks fit together-not just the Thomas brand

What I don't like about Wooden Train Tracks:

  • They were made in China- now, before you all go nuts on me...I know the deal w/the lead paint issue. As long as my little one does not chew on them or eat them-or any of my kids-then they are okay w/us. Good handwashing and so far, so good!

  • Pricey $ for the big complete sets but like I said-if you ask around and see at some tag sales, you might find them like I did :)
  • We once had a Thomas the Train table but would you believe it? My kids broke it! I know, no shock here... I told you that we would be a terrific bunch of kids to test toys so why aren't those toy companies hounding me w/phone calls yet?!?!

Thanks Sam for letting me join in. If you want to join in too just send Sam a note on her blog!

God bless,

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