Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you see something wrong with this?

There is a special little girls' 4th Birthday tomorrow, August 29th. She truly is my little sunshine. Do you remember what happened 4 years ago on this day? I can remember it like it was yesterday (that is a big deal for me! My memory is the pits, as you may know). Exactly a 1/2 hour AFTER my sunshine was born did it hit and we were watching the news. Don't ask. I guess for Baby #4 and thereafter, the TV tends to go on much quicker after giving birth! ha ha. Well, for the following 3 days I was glued to the TV news and on every station was coverage of this nasty and terrible disaster. In fact, the nurses would come to me for hourly news updates!

Now, onto what I meant to JUST write about (but you know how a Momma's mind works! Constantly multitasking)...

After lunch a few minutes ago, we were discussing birthday gifts and my older children were convincing this special birthday girl on what would be a terrific gift and what would be the best birthday breakfast meal (chocolate chip pancakes) and the best birthday lunch (McDonald's-uhm, I don't think so but I may cave in- she is so darn cute!) and then my oldest says, with a serious face: "Mom, can you kill me?"
You should have SEEN MY FACE! as I said "WHAT?!"
And he answers "Yeah, so that way I can go to Heaven! That would be the best gift EVER!"

Okay, so I guess we've got his religion class up to par. But, I do think we need to focus a bit more on The 10 Commandments! Specifically #5 and #4 too!

God bless,

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