Friday, July 30, 2010

Swing like Tarzan!

Seeing my kids swinging from the long hose hung over our deck is so much fun!

Hearing them laugh and shout as they swing like Tarzan is sure to wake up all our neighbors! 

They keep cheering as each one takes a turn. 

It's 72* out right now.  AWESOME! 

Life is good. ;)

God bless, Mary

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Embrace Life!

Don't forget your seatbelts!
Thanks AMM, for this video link!
God bless,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've got ENERGY! Yeah!

I have not felt nauseous yucky sick in 2 days!  I am about 17 weeks now...technically that should have stopped at the 3 month mark but just like my last 2 babies and now this one, it went strong till the 4th month and a little over! 

AND I must have my energy levels somewhat back too.  This morning as I was thinking of the day, I knew we needed to get out and do something fun, away from the house.  The past 2 weeks were soaked in super record high with heat and humidity so that left us not much else to do besides the pool.  Actually, some days were so bad we did not even make it to the pool. 

But today was different.  The new parish we are going to has all day long adoration on Tuesdays.  During my short and not very focused prayer time with coffee this morning, I felt Jesus nudging me to go.  By the end of that short prayer time, I was compelled to go.  He told me:  "Bring the children to Me".  Simple as that.  He said he needed them and needed to tell them something.  What that something was I have no idea.  So we went to Jesus.  I told them just what I wrote and they were very intrigued to find out what Jesus had to tell them too.  We prayed a decade of the Rosary to ready our hearts, minds and souls to encounter Him.  It is only a short 8 minute drive and we were there. 

We showed up alright.  I think the others noticed but I did not noticed if they noticed since all I noticed was to make sure my children were quiet! ha ha!!!

So our visit lasted only 5 minutes.  Whoop de do.  Oh how I wish it could be longer but at the 5 minute mark, my baby and my 3 yr old started gulping loudly and saying eachothers' names.  Then my 6 yr old son said "But Mom, I did not hear what Jesus had to say to me.  All I heard was 'errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (that was the A/C)."  I tried very hard to hide my giggles and told him to go back in for a few minutes and we'd wait for him outside of the Chapel.  In he went, and 1 minute later, out he came.  "Mom, again all I heard was 'errrrrrrrrr'!"   H A!!!

What could I say to that?  Right.  Nothing but smiled and off we left.

I told them if they were good at Adoration, that we'd head to the really cool park w/a resovior and trails and we'd go for a hike.  We love to hike as a family.

So, then we went hiking.

What joy and fun we had!!!  Each found a good walking stick and off we went.  We hiked along the water-but far enough inland that I was not nervous.  It was so pleasant outside-only about 85* and not that humid at all.  We crossed over some creeks and walked on rocks.  We collected some rocks and leaves and bark to bring home to show Daddy.  We...well,  uh-hum...I (!!!) found 2 frogs hopping around and the kids were estactic!  They love to catch frogs!

I told them if they were good at hiking, that we'd head to the pool afterwards.

So, then we went to the pool.

What joy they had there too!  My daughter finally got to go in the pool and swim around like a fish.  I bought her some crazy bright orange ear plugs to make sure she does not get anymore swimmer's ear.  She as a bit hesitant (what 8 yr old girl wouldn't be?  it's not quite the in-thing to wear!!!)  so I quickly added that I would wear one too to make her at ease.  She liked that idea so I got to sport an orange ear too and we laughed about it :) and she quickly forgot about them too.  She was just thrilled to swim around finally.  According to my 9 yr old son, this was the perfect day outside with the weather b/c he could actually take a deep breath in and feel like it was a good breath before jumping into the pool!  I agree totally!!!

That is it.  That is my morning, my day so far.  Oh, I guess I could add in that I slept really well last night, unlike the previous night!  So, I guess that had something to do with it!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!  School is just so close, I am trying to make the most of these days.  I think we succeeded today, at least!

God bless,

Monday, July 26, 2010

That kind of morning

It's a big huge coffee mug filled with never-ending coffee...kind of morning.

It's a why get out of pajamas so quickly...kind of morning.

It's an eat whatever you want for breakfast...kind of morning.

It's a let's make a to-do list for today but don't freak out if nothing gets done...kind of morning.

It's a just try to stay awake and survive...kind of morning.

So, that's my kind of morning today....can you guess how my night must've went?

Yup, that's right. 
On to my next cup of coffee in my extra large coffee mug. 
Some days just have to be like this. 
Good thing it is still officially summer-time and we can do this type of thing.

God bless,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

School Thoughts 2010-2011

It has begun.  I have officially started researching homeschooling options for this upcoming year.  I am interestd in seeing if some other programs would fit my children and our family dimensions better this year.  It's the most children I have ever had to prepare for since I'll be teaching:

a 4th grader
a 1st/2nd grader
a 1st grader
a kindergartener

I am looking into a Catholic online or virtual academy for my 4th grader and looking for an all boxed together somewhat easy but thorough and Catholic for my younger ones.  I have used Seton for the past 5 years schooling but am pretty sure that it will work out this year for us. 

This leaves me to starting the research all over again. 

What do you use?  Do you like it?  Would you recommend it to me?  Thanks!

God bless, Mary

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a bad mom

I'm such a bad mom.

Not really, but I sure feel like it.

My 20 month old has decided to chew off the nipple part of his favorite thing ever...his pacifiers!  Mind you, they are his special and very important tag alongs to fall asleep.  One in mouth, and one in EACH hand...with a few extra strewn in his crib.

It happened once on Monday and I talked w/him about it.  Does that sound weird that I would just 'talk' with a 20 month old about it?  But you have to know my little guy to understand.  He is very social.  He truly understands and can talk with you, most of the time.  It's very cute and very funny to see him interact.  He knows he needs to say what needs to be said.  I hope this will pay off with those 'terrific twos and threes' with less tantrums...we'll see.  I sure do hope so.

Anyways, I told him if he did it again that those pacifiers would be gone, no more.  He'd have to say bye bye to them.  In the trash they'd go.

I thought he would stick to his guns and hold back his desire to chew.  Day 1,2,3 were good and then it happened again!  This morning at rest time.  I hated to do it but there is noway that I can allow him to have them.  He could get a big chunk of it and choke. He could get a little bit off and choke.  Choke! 

So, I did what any other 'bad' Mom would do.  He had to say goodbye to good to his little sucker pals. 

And now he is crying.  Crying loudly and madly

Before I put him to sleep, I spoke with his roommate, the 6 yr old big brother about this situation.  I told him not to mention anything about pacifiers, nor say that word, no matter how much crying he will do tonight.  I told him that he cannot look at him or do anything but lay there and be quiet.   He agreed and I love him for this.  How tough it is to be only 3 feet from a baby crib where you know he will be upset.  He has been staying strong for 20 minutes so far.  I wonder what he is thinking as he lay there still...

Also before I put him to sleep, my 3 yr old gave him one of his own beloved 'nigh-nighs'--his blankets.  He has 3 so what is one less?  I think it is quite awesome for him to do that.  Don't you?  My 20 month old loved the idea too, snuggling and holding it tightly, with smiles and sweet little giggles. 

And I thought it was golden.  Smooth sailing.

Till I put him down to sleep.  Now he is just crying and screaming and crying some more and screaming some more

What else can I do?  You'd think I was a pro at this.  But I'll tell you, with 6 kids, only 2 were pacifier babies and that includes this 20 month old.  I could use some advice, if you can spare an idea. 

But for now, it looks like it will be a rough 3 or 4 nights ahead of us all.  Poor lil guy, first we move and now no pacifiers.  Hard life.

God bless,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimmers Ear stinks

...esp. having it a second time in 2 weeks.
...and having it when it so very very hot and humid almost 100* every single day.
...and having it and still have to go to the pool w/ the family.
...and having it and not being allowed to go IN the pool for an entire WEEK!

My poor 8 yr old daughter, who is a real fish in the water has this swimmers ear.  She is a tough cookie!  Her ear hurt for 4-5 days before telling me!  She did not want to not be able to swim.  Poor thing.  She is the one who was in the ICU back in Sept 09, and she is crying b/c her ear hurts. 

This Momma's heart hurts too, seeing her like this.

Any ideas on how to pass the time for her? 

Thanks and God bless,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toy review Tuesday

Every boy's best toy at least once in their lives:

I googled them on Amazon and they say $34.99 but there is noway that we would have paid that.  They must have been on sale! ;)  I think we got them at Walmart or Target. 

My boys love love love them.  They are strong enough to not bend and there is some cushion to them too.  But beware, kids can still get hurt by them.  They are made by nerf and with my experience w/nerf, they tend to last a while longer than the average everyday sword. haaa haaa

God bless,

Quote of the Day-from our Pope

"The ways of the Lord are not comfortable, but we were not created for comfort, but for greatness, for good."
--Pope Benedict XVI

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Takes for Today

1.   Pickles taste very very good to me lately ;)  I am close to 4 months now ;).

2.  When its this hot out, there is only one thing to do...SWIM and SWIM alot!

3.  When there is actually a real playroom in a house, how come the kids don't play in it?

4.  Those massive huge rubber bands from moving companies are fun toys for the kids to keep them occupied.  But what a worry they are also! yikes.

5.  You can never play enough hide and seek, esp. in a new house.

6.  A certain 3 year old will undoubtly complain that his 'tummy hurts' just to soften his momma to give him ginger ale.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Every day.  Yup.

7.  Dress up clothes are so fun for the kids and so much fun for momma to see them having fun doing!  I get them and any random accessory at tag/yard sales-super cheap too!  (psst.  I sometimes join in too!:)

8.  Lastly, if your kids have a hide out and a secret password to use to get in.   You may not know what it is but try this one, b/c it may just work...try "Ag Gold"!  If you see this post, you'll know why! haaa haaa

God bless!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you know your Elements?

If I did well in Chemistry way back when, then I would not have gotten the cliff notes chemistry edition.

If my parents did not hold onto that cliff notes book, then I would not have packed it in our boxes.

If I did not pack it randomly in some toy box, then my 9 yr old would not have found it.

If he did not find it, he would not be staying up late learning the Table of Elements.

If he did not learn the Table of Elements, then he would not be teaching his 6 and 4 yr old siblings the Elements this morning at breakfast.

I do think that all things happen for a reason...don't you!?!?

God bless,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 100 Pro-Catholic Movies

I was trying to think of a good decent movie to watch and went to this site that listed the top 100 pro-Catholic movies.  I thought you'd like to know of it too, if you don't already!

God bless,

Quote of the day and my 6 yr old quote

"To lose ourselves in God is simply to give up our own will to Him.  When a soul can truly say, 'Lord, I have no other will than Thine,' it is truly lost in God, and united to Him."
-St. Francis de Sales

Now for my 6 yr old  quote.  He says to me this morning during breakfast:
"So....Mom, when are we going home?"

EEEEK! My heart felt this one...and then this one too:

My 3 yr old chimes in:

"But, Mom...Pop Pop is there!"

Not anytime soon, my little sons.

God bless,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If you're wondering what I'm up to...

The movers came today!  One day early!  :)

We were really ready to stop living out of our sleeping bags and an air mattress for hubby and I.  Thanks be to God that this new renatl  house is 99% carpeted so that comforted me when feeling sort of bad that my kids were sleeping on the floor for a week and a day~!  The baby (whose almost 2! in Sept!) was in a pack and play and he has had some on and off nights.  Last night was that off night.  Those pack and plays are great but a week and a day was enough for him, I think.

My kids were totally thrilled to pieces wehn they saw the truck pull up.  They all did some happy dances :)  Once they opened the back, they "ohh!" and "ahhh!"  "Cool!" and  "WOW!" .

I laughed and told the 2 men that are unloading our truck of junk...err, I mean stuff, that they can take the rest home or sell it or dump it on the side of the road!  haaa haaaa. 

It's amazing what you can do without. 

Although, I am ready for real beds, more food, and more selection of toys.  And of course bikes.  Lots of bikes and ride on toys.  Oh, and the swimgset:) haaaa haaa

One last thing.  Were you wondering why I have not posted any pics lately?  It seems that I am always having some trouble with the camera.  I caannot download the pics b/c the button somehow mysteriously snapped off - the one that lets you view vs. take pics.  Never dull around here. Never.   Just you wait till I get a new camera or get that one fixed, I think every post will have a picture along with it!!!

God bless,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello Hello Hello from the South!!!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post anything.  We did not have computer internet hookup access till recently and frankly, I have been so so busy!

Update:  we have moved and being a southern gal has its perks.  So many that I have jotted them down in on a loose piece of paper that I have somehow not lost!  Go figure! :) LOL!

1.  More men have held a door open for me in one week than 10 years up North.

2.  There are plenty of choices of great Christian music at the local neighborhood library. AND there is a fantastic Christian radio station that has nothing bad in it.  No bad commericals so you'd have to turn down or turn off the radio etc... It is fantastic and even my hubby is hooked on it too!

3.  Homeschooling is just another way of schooling and way of life down here.  I did not have to explain nor defend my decision to homeschool to the librarian that asked where our kids went to school as I signed them up for the summer reading program.  In fact, it was the other way around!  She praised me for it!  Get that?  True!  I was so taken back, that I just stood there nodding my head and smiling as she went on and on about the perks of homeschooling!

4.  I am commonly referred to as "Ma'am"; not so much the "Yes, ma'am" and "No, Ma'am" but just "Ma'am"...and I like it...a lot! :)

5.  The first other Mother that I met was at the local neighborhood pool that we joined...(Right up the road~!) ALSO has 6 KIDS TOO!!!  She does not homeschool as we do, but 6 kids!!! 2 of her boys are getting along w/my 2 older boys so it looks like a good match.  In fact, we even mentioned getting together possibly sometime.  She is very sweet and easy to talk to. 

6.  I have noticed in 9 out of 10 stores that I have been going to all week, that the workers, overall,  pride themselves in their jobs.  I mean, the cashier, the meat stocker, the grocery isle stocker, the brown bag packers, etc...  Each gave the impression that they are doing the best they can do with the job they have.  That really inspires me.  They are not in a rush but have great eye contact and actually can hold a conversation.  So much for my no eye-contact and stick to myself, don't talk to anyone type of northern attitude.  (...Well, most northerners I must say.  I hope I am not offending anyone but it's just what I have encountered and noticed in over 28 yrs up north.)

7.  MANY have the gift of hospitality, to the fullest.  As soon as you walk through the door of any store, you are immediately greeted with a smile and a happy greeting of good morning, good day or whatever.  In fact, yesterday I went food shopping.  Before I started, I bought a coffee and of course the cashier/coffee maker was so kind and nice and happy.  He looked over to the previous older man that ordered before me and said "You have a great day, now!" and the older man looked at him and said "I sure will.  I have not had a bad day in my life."  And he was serious.  Dead serious.  I smiled at him but did not forget what he said.   I hope I do not, ever.  It sure means a lot.

I best go now. 
Just posting to say hello and let you know that we are all well and so far, so good.  God has a plan and we are trying our best to fulfill it, wherever it may be.

God bless,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're late, we're late for a very important date!

As is usually the case with big families...we're late! plan is to leave tomorrow.

We realized too late there was too much still to pack, still to do at home, before we heading out in our favorite rocket ship.

So, tomorrow it is.
 Tomorrow at 5am to be precise.

My hubby is quite the early bird. 
Me, not so...but bribe me with a good cup of coffee and DVD on for the kids-I'm in.

All that food from my freezer and refrig. that I called my dear friend to come pick up in a b/c I was a bit in a tizzy?  And that good friend stayed for a while helping me to pack!  Oh, how I will miss them!

Well, I just went food shopping in her refrigerator!  (and they were not even home!  I'm sooo bad, huh?!?!)
You see, that's how it is with good friends. 
Another secret reason that I wanted to stay (shh! dont' tell hubby!)

Tis tomorrow, it is!  We'll see if I stay true to my word, huh?!?!

God bless,

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship!

We're going on a trip...
in our favorite rocket ship....!!!

We're going on a mission...
start the countdown...!!!

Will write when we get time!!!

Please pray for our safe trip!

God bless,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lemons and Rainbows

When you got lemons, make lemonade.

At least that's what we're told.  But it sure is harder than we can imagine once we are going through it. 

Whenver God shuts a door, He opens a window instead. 

We need the rain to get the rainbow.

In a period of 2 weeks, how in the world did my kids become all new different kids?!  I want my original ones back!  Give them back! 

This nice 'summer mode' of relaxing and bopping around, for us, only lasts about 3 weeks TOPS!  We've hit that point earlier this year.  I am thinking a bit of structure surely is needed around  here!!!

AND in all about a week (last week), we found a rental in the new state we'll be moving too.  THere is a story that I have to post about it (but can't right now-no time) and what a story it is!  We will all be together-it has been a while!  Way too long. Praise God that He is making this happen.  It is truly in His hands that we surrender.  God's will be done.

Gotta go!
God bless, Mary