Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're late, we're late for a very important date!

As is usually the case with big families...we're late! plan is to leave tomorrow.

We realized too late there was too much still to pack, still to do at home, before we heading out in our favorite rocket ship.

So, tomorrow it is.
 Tomorrow at 5am to be precise.

My hubby is quite the early bird. 
Me, not so...but bribe me with a good cup of coffee and DVD on for the kids-I'm in.

All that food from my freezer and refrig. that I called my dear friend to come pick up in a b/c I was a bit in a tizzy?  And that good friend stayed for a while helping me to pack!  Oh, how I will miss them!

Well, I just went food shopping in her refrigerator!  (and they were not even home!  I'm sooo bad, huh?!?!)
You see, that's how it is with good friends. 
Another secret reason that I wanted to stay (shh! dont' tell hubby!)

Tis tomorrow, it is!  We'll see if I stay true to my word, huh?!?!

God bless,

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