Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If you're wondering what I'm up to...

The movers came today!  One day early!  :)

We were really ready to stop living out of our sleeping bags and an air mattress for hubby and I.  Thanks be to God that this new renatl  house is 99% carpeted so that comforted me when feeling sort of bad that my kids were sleeping on the floor for a week and a day~!  The baby (whose almost 2! in Sept!) was in a pack and play and he has had some on and off nights.  Last night was that off night.  Those pack and plays are great but a week and a day was enough for him, I think.

My kids were totally thrilled to pieces wehn they saw the truck pull up.  They all did some happy dances :)  Once they opened the back, they "ohh!" and "ahhh!"  "Cool!" and  "WOW!" .

I laughed and told the 2 men that are unloading our truck of junk...err, I mean stuff, that they can take the rest home or sell it or dump it on the side of the road!  haaa haaaa. 

It's amazing what you can do without. 

Although, I am ready for real beds, more food, and more selection of toys.  And of course bikes.  Lots of bikes and ride on toys.  Oh, and the swimgset:) haaaa haaa

One last thing.  Were you wondering why I have not posted any pics lately?  It seems that I am always having some trouble with the camera.  I caannot download the pics b/c the button somehow mysteriously snapped off - the one that lets you view vs. take pics.  Never dull around here. Never.   Just you wait till I get a new camera or get that one fixed, I think every post will have a picture along with it!!!

God bless,

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