Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gettin' Ready

So...are you going to watch?!?!?
Do you have 'da bee-ya*'? The wine? The soda?
How about the hot wings and blue cheese dressing?
And the football? You have to have the real football.
Oh, and the remote...find that remote-those commercials can be pretty funny...or pretty crude, always have to watch out for the purity of our little ones...
Okay, I am set. All set. I think.
Now one last thing...uh, who is playing?
(Joke! of course I know. I am not that cabin fever-ed--- is that a word?!)
(And that * up there means beer-in case our southern readers were wondering...!! :))
God bless,

Friday, January 30, 2009

Raw Chicken Alert!

Does this picture bother anyone like it does to me?
It totally grosses me out.
I am a die hard "RAW CHICKEN ALERT!!! Mommy" in this house. What does that mean, you ask? I am so disgusted by the thought of how raw chicken can contaminate anything we touch after we touch that nasty "bawk bawk" chicken. I am not at all against meat. I thouroughly enjoy a good meal including chicken. I know what good protein it provides for my family and I. But once it is out of the bag, watch out! I disinfect everything! I make sure that everyone under this roof knows there was RAW CHICKEN in the sink! Okay, so a bit of a fanatic. I know. I know. But there has been way too many stories of other people (including family and friends) having a reaction b/c of touching it or it touching somewhere in their kitchen that they did not clean properly. I, for one, do not want to end up in any ER anytime soon.

So go ahead and think I am a crazy woman afraid of a little RAW chicken. And I'll prove to you that in this house, we keep our food inside! Yes-sir-ee.
And I'll prove to you that I can make a mean chicken casserole.
(But maybe not on a Friday---that fasting thing, ya know....!)

Enjoy the day!
God bless,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simon Cowell-the other side

Well if this is not the cutest little girl singing...(besides my own cuties of course!)
I am in awe-so impressed! Good job Connie!!! God has blessed her with such an incredible voice- may she use it to glorify God!
It's nice to see American Idol's Simon actually saying nice compliments and meaning what he says too! I think his heart was softened by seeing and hearing her :)

(Now I need to get some sleep!!! Off to bed I go-it is so late for me-that yummy coffee I have been bragging about? Well, I think I drank it a little too late! whoops!)
God bless,

Small Successes- It's Thursday!

Since it took me all day to actually do this...I consider MY BIG SUCCESS for today is getting this post done!!! :)

It's Thursday so here we go again...

If you have not joined in yet, it's great so come along and add in your successes! Can't wait to read them :)

1. Brought big toy items down to basement out of den where they took up way too much room.

2. Read from my new book and am in the process of putting together some great ideas for dealing with my boys.

3. Made a point to read to my kids with enthusiam and joy! (this can be tough on a sleepless mommy!!!)
God bless,

One of those days

Ever have one of those days?

Well, today I am having one of them.

Thank God it is sunny out today-there is hope!!! :)

I know I will get through but I just wonder how I am going to get through till my hubby comes home...any ideas for letting go of trying to get it all done? How about ideas to banish cabin fever?!?!
God bless,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas!

Here is a terrific prayer from St. Thomas Aquinas:

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas:
Grant me, O Lord my God,
a mind to know you,
a heart to seek you,
wisdom to find you,
conduct pleasing to you,
faithful perseverance in waiting for you,
and a hope of finally embracing you.
I LOVE THIS PRAYER! Short and so incredibly perfect for all of us!
St. Thomas Aquinas pray for us!
God bless,

O Snow!

It's snowing!
Did you think I'd be that happy about s-n-o-w ...again! You betcha b/c my hubby has off today-his office is CLOSED!!! Yippee! Yahoo!
Even though he still has meetings online and via the phone, he is here. He is home.
I am so happy!
I am so awake!
Can you tell? Could it be that my hubby let me sleep in today and I am drinking that great coffee again?!
Oh yeah.
God bless,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love homeschooling

What I love about and why I love homeschooling...
God bless,

Monday, January 26, 2009

She Loves Cleaning

My cheerio child #2 has such talent. She knows how to make her Momma smile with such joy. So it happened again today as I heard her dancing around singing...
"I love to clean! Yes! I love cleaning!"
Can it get any better than that?!
She is a true love after my own heart. (And I hope her love for cleaning never waivers!!) Keep it up sweetie- we need your cleaning skills in our family!
BTW- I've even been asked by a friend if she could come to help her family clean their house.- no joke! How about that for employment?
God bless,

Monday, Monday (...again...)

After a long weekend of traveling out of state to see a sick grandmother in the hospital, things got a bit hairy around here. Then again, things are always crazy here!
That's my family :)
With a weekend where we feel we are FBI Investigators to try to figure out what happened to our 95 year old grandmother, it can takes a great toll on us all mentally! And it did. I am very grateful to have been there for my family- living only a few hours away is such a blessing. I am thankful to have seen my grandmother and be with her, and with my other family members. Now it is Monday, and hubby is at work. Now all I can do is pray for her.
Will you pray for her too? Thank you.
So, then we have a few sleepless nights of 2 hour feedings- my gosh! What is going on? It must be a growth spurt for my baby of 4 months- I can't believe he is 4 months already!!!
I cringe when asked that question: "Is he sleeping through the night, yet?"
Well, let me tell you something....we do not produce good sleepers here in this cheerio family. Never did. Never. My expectations have lowered w/ each child. I wish they slept (don't we all?!) and we do all we can to make that happen. It amazes me how when I do sleep how much of a more patient Mommy I can be.

But as for today, it is Monday ...again.
And it is my coffee and me... again.
But this time, the flavor is Royal Rum Pecan.
I think I am in love.

I do hope you have a better and more awake Monday morning than me!!!
God bless,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Love is...

Love is....when you spend most of your evening looking for one of these....
to make one very young lady happy so she would have a good night sleep.
Then learning that love is...
not being able to find that one special dolly and that very young lady is okay with it and says "That's okay Mommy, I love you."
I am learning to cherish these times....
God bless,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Small Successes- It's Thursday!

Come on and join us!
Every Thursday, we make a note of our accomplishes...yes, they may be small but it's fun and very edifying to see even these small things we do add up!
Thanks Faith and Family Live!

1. Dropped off bags of clothes at local goodwill container. Seriously. I had about 8 garbage bags full. What relief!
2. Made and stuck to a meal plan for the week- yippee for me!
3. Was not afraid to ask for prayers for a family member from those who it may feel a bit 'wierd' to ask it of! (Thanks Holy Spirit!)

God bless,

Be happy -your Mom chose life

If you have any free time of under a minute...check this out.
It is well worth your time! Let me know what you think too.
Comments open!
God bless,

March for Life 2009

Let us pray for all mothers to acknowledge they are a mother b/c they have a BABY in their womb!!!


Is this not the coolest picture?!?!

Nothing less than a total gift from God.

Nothing less than a real person with a real soul made in the image and likeness of God.

Let us pray for all doctors and nurses that conduct the "procedure" that their hearts will be softened to know the Truth.

Let us pray for our country and our new President.

May God bless the U.S.A.
God bless,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Win a stroller!

Would YOU like the chance to win this giveaway?

Then go check it out and enter in!!!

God bless,

Never stop learning

2 things I have learned so far today...
1. If you find very hard and old spaghetti in the foyer coat closet, confidently assume that someone little has eaten his dinner in there OR had his/her parents think they ate all their food at the table to receive a dessert.
2. If your cheerio child (#4) is the only one to ask to go outside in 22 degree weather, you bundle her up and with a great big grin, she goes out and states "Now no one will tease me out here!" You can confidently assume that there will be a lesson in 'no teasing' after lunch today.

God bless~!

Wednesday's Why

This is starting to become a traditional 'Wednesday's Why' post on...uhm...Wednesdays!!!

Beware! This is what can happen when a mom is so happy not being disturbed and hearing her children playing together so nicely and with such joy for over an hour in an adjacent room...

I know...I should have checked up on them way earlier! Can you believe that? I mean, it is not like we do not have any toys or anything! Go figure- its the non-toys that are the most fun. So, before you spend money on those name brand, expensive, the "Mom, I just have to have it" toys (yadda yadda yadda)- pull out those cardboard boxes or let them use the pots and pans. Let their imaginations go wild! But, remember to keep an eye on least every few minutes or you'll end up having one of these to display with your next garbage pickup!!! Our trashman just loves our family! I swear we must have one broken item a week! It's the new neighborhood style...they all wish they could be just like us. Ha ha :)

Best go now! Have a great day!

God bless,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the spirit of some great Saints

My cheerio Kid #3 got his hair cut today by yours truly. Kid #5 was resting in their room after the haircut, so I told him to take off his hair filled shirt and switch to the pajama shirt he had on previously. After a few hours of wearing the pajama shirt, he started to look for his other shirt he had on and ask me:
"Mom, where is my hair shirt?"
Talk about an act of penance! ha ha! (esp. today I might add)
God bless,


Today a new President will begin. I am not thrilled about it but life goes on.
Basically, I am speechless.
I may be able to compile my thoughts as the day goes on but for right is in about 45 minutes until the big moment that he takes his 'oath'.
Dear Lord, have mercy on us. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
May God bless the USA today and always.
God bless,

Monday, January 19, 2009


What did you say?
Are you talking to me?
Are my kids screaming?
What is that you say?
Oh, I am sorry. I could not hear you above my music...So, don't worry, be happy!

God bless,

Happy MLK day!

Check out this great website full of Martin Luther King, Jr. info. My kids actually sat the whole 17 minutes plus and watched and listened to his speech!

We had quite the discussion about the Civil Rights Movement, segregation and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I found it amazing at the look of horror when they found out how our country was (and hopefully will never be again!). Goes to show you how much the young and pure can teach us.
We will be working on a craft to symbolize what this day means to the children and I hope to post it too- God willing :)

Happy Martin Luther King day!

So, how are you going to celebrate?

God bless,

Monday, Monday

As if Monday mornings weren't bad to begin with. Now tie a snowy Monday morning in with a sleepless night and Boom!- Oh my, where is my coffee?!
Maybe it is the lack of energy release due to the frigid cold but for some reason, my kids were up SO much last night. Crying here, nursing there...finding kid #1 in the den wide awake with the lights on at 2:57am. Yes, at 2:57am...he thought since Kid #5 was not in his crib (the clue its okay to come out in the morning) that it was time to wake up. No wonder...he did not realize that this Mommy was sleeping with him on the couch! Hopefully this will not become a habit. I am not fond of middle of the night wake-ups and sleep-on-the-couch routine...then again, I don't think many parents are! :)
I am off to make this Monday a good one. Pray for me and pray that my morning coffee cup #2 takes effect!
God bless,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank you Angels!

We have a few little angels that help our big family out every now and then. I met these older women at daily mass within the past 2 1/2 years. Sometimes we see them every other day (usually in the warm weather!!!) and sometimes we'll go 2 weeks without a call or a visit. Knowing I can count on them in a pinch is a real life saver. Really.
(This is one major way of "how we do it"!- by asking and praying for others to help us out!)
So for instance, yesterday and last night was just one of those nights. No ER visit. No date night. It was just this - a 2 day long struggle to get organized having an 'almost 2 year old' around. Really around if you get my drift. There was only so much I could take. So I did it. I called one of our angels that Kid #5 adores. I mean, loves loves loves ...and begged her (well, not really!). I asked her if she could take him for a wee bit. What love! Both of them were thrilled to spend a few hours together and we got organized! We invested in a 'bin-rack' to hold all our different toys in our den/playroom/school room. I think there are about 56 bins- it is awesome! I even got to organize my school closet and make a nice Mexican taco dinner- which we all enjoyed. Then we had a 1/2 movie family movie night (it got too late to watch the whole thing). Of course we missed Kid #5- it was way too quiet at the dinner table and way too clean! But, things needed to be done and we are so very thankful for our angels!

Guardian Angel Prayer
Angel of God,my guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here,
Ever this day,be at my side,
To light and guard,Rule and guide.
Happy Sunday!
God bless,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You're cool, dude

Kid #1 comes into the kitchen singing and pretend burping and says to me:
"Mom, wouldn't it be cool if I burped throughout an entire song?"
I reply "Uh, yeah...sure, honey" and I think "You are such a boy!!!"
That surely would be some song!
God bless,

Social Awareness

So, what do you do when its 10 below outside-REALLY COLD!!! What do you do to keep yourself going strong and not end up giving yourself a pity party feeling lonely and all...well, check out some ideas/comments over at Margaret's site...

For me, I realized that trying to stay committed to something just for yourself to help you grow spiritually and intellectually is great- a group that sews/knits together, or exercise- volleyball or a walk with a friend, or a mom's night out weekly (that would be great!) or Bible study...whatever I can get to often helps out a lot.

Besides my weekly Bible Study that I get to only 2 x/month, today I went to my first art class - watercolor class-how about that? I am psyched about it! It was so much fun and so very uhm....quiet...really- we had to stay focused on painting so it was just so very nice and quiet. It has been a very long time since I signed up for a class- figured it is good for me and I can pass on that knowledge to my kids too! It gives me something to look forward to on a weekly basis as my little "artistic out". Funny, even though it was so quiet and we did not talk much at all (which is so not me with my type personality) but I was pleased to be in a room with 8 other ADULTS and did I mention it was rather quiet?

Gosh, I love my husband! Is he not totally awesome to watch the kids so I can do this?!
I can't wait to post some pics that I have drawn...that is if you're interested...???

Have a great Saturday and stay warm :)
God bless, Mary

Friday, January 16, 2009

What is going on right now...

My wonderful hubby took "off" today and "worked" from home. The result? A sink full of dinner items, kids watching a movie and Daddy snoring on the couch...and Mommy blogging.
Hum...I think this "work" from home may not really "work" for us, huh? ha ha!
God bless,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pics I can't resist to post

A friend just sent me some pics titled "Why I like kids" and some of them are hilarious...Here are 2 of my favorites. Enjoy the laughs! My hubby and I did :)
p.s. No, these are not my kids- but they sure are cute!!!
God bless,


I am making dinner right now and listening to Amy Grant's greatest hits and Kid #1 says
“Why is it that every song is about a mommy and a daddy? I mean, they all say “baby” and “I love you” like all the time? Why Mom?"
My little baby is getting big so quickly and I, too, wish songs were all about Mom's and Dad's and not ANYONE ELSE!
Oh, how I wish and pray that you always stay this innocent, my love!
God bless,

Not again...Please Pray Now!

My dear friend, Sam, has posted on her blog a prayer request for yet another mom making a decision...
Much thanks.
God bless,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sensitivity Testing

The cheerio children and I have been talking a lot lately about how God makes all people different- outside and inside. One that we somehow have concentrated on is how some people are more sensitive than others...A.K.A. some cheerio children are more sensitive than other cheerio children:)
So while making lunch...Kid #1 says:

“I’m glad you did not put any onions in my tuna sandwich. B/c I am really sensitive and when I eat onions, they make me cry.”

Just gotta love these moments! I could not help but smile...inside and out :)
God bless,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Do you see anything wrong with a certain 2 little females dressing up a little male in a pink leotard ballet outfit complete with a pink tutu?
No, me either.
Until they re-named him....Rose.
Like the name. But not for a boy!
Oh, and he is actually having fun with this "game" too.
Oh my.
Pictures were taken. Not sure if I have the gutso to post those!!! If he stays on my good side today, then no pics posted, I promise my dear. BUT...if tornado and hurricane re-appear, stay tuned!
God bless,

More memory pleeeease!

Why is it that when you grab to take a quick picture of the adorable little ones playing so nicely together, that the memory card is FULL with tons of pictures of a certain little one's dollhouse?
uhm...just wondering....
But I did get ONE shot before they broke away from each other skipping back into the playroom...and then 2 more of the older ones playing dress up...
"sharing playfood" "Little House on the Praire" .....and "Mom, . I'm a cowboy of course!"
God bless,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Pray NOW! Urgent!

Hello friends, a priest friend of ours have sent out an urgent email prayer request. Please please pray. Please sacrifice and pray. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

"Earlier this evening I had my last conversation with this young lady and her parents. Despite their apparent regret, they will be going through with the abortion tomorrow morning, January 12 at 8.00am (ET)--some of you may already have read this message after that time. It will be a chemical abortion so she will just take a pill at home that her “provider” already made already available to her. I was able to talk to Eduardo Verástegui this afternoon and he offered to talk to her. She wouldn’t talk to him nor anyone else about her decision. Let’s pray for her conversion in a very special way."

Thank you.
God bless,

Sunday, January 11, 2009


*Update: I have found my slippers. Yay!
Reward: Ice cream for me!!! :)
God bless and good night,

Move over, scented orange cleaners, I have a better idea.

Does this sound familiar?...
You cannot find either one of your 2 pairs of slippers (you have 2 b/c you know one will inevatibly get taken by little hands and lost). So you put on your socks-white socks- your feet are cold. You try not to complain after offering lots of rewards for whoever finds at least ONE pair of slippers first. No finders. No rewards.
After stepping in a pond of orange juice spilt on the floor with your right foot, you go into denial. ‘No, there is not much on my sock. I do not have time to take it off to put on another pair of socks. I have to get my cranky crying child down for a quiet time rest in his crib. I have to do it now. So, nah, that OJ on my foot is not too bad.'
After 10 minutes, you actually forget that your sock in soaked and you are wondering why there is a nice orange aroma coming from each of the rooms you enter into…until…you are in shock that now your right foot is soaked.
Why is it that it’s not until both socks and feet are wet that you conclude the socks need to come off?
Is it just me? I doubt it.
Happy Sunday!
Enjoy your OJ this morning and God bless,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jesus' Baptism Reflections

Preparing for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is tomorrow...I was reading the Bible this morning and a passage hit me strongly. It was Mark 1:7-13. It states that immediately afterward John baptized Jesus did He, driven by the Holy Spirit, go into the wilderness (desert). How many times have we just had an amazing experience of Jesus' love in the sacraments (for me, esp. the Holy Mass or confession) and its as if satan is waiting for us outside the doors to devour us. We become prey to silly ol' satan. He sees us from afar because we are glowing with the love of Jesus. Just outside those doors do we start getting mad at the tons of traffic just leaving Church or snap at our children in the van.Or as soon as we get home do we blow up at our loved ones- just those sins we asked forgiveness for?! Satan knows our weaknesses and he will go ahead and tempt us. No doubt. Just as he tempted Jesus for 40 days, he will do the same to us.
These awesome sacraments also give us much power and strength to resist nasty satan. Lord, help us to never think that these sacraments cannot help us and sustain us. Help us to believe in the power of the sacraments, Lord Jesus.
I am meditating on a book called The Better Part- its a great resource for Christian prayer and in it, it highlights that in this passage that Jesus was his Father's "beloved Son" on whom the Father's "favor rests".
"Up to thispoint of baptism, Jesus had done nothing extraordinary- no miracles, no great speeches, no massive conversions. He had spent 30 years living in a hut in Nazareth, helping his foster-dad in the carpentry shop and doing chores and errands for his mother. And yes, the Father's favor rests on him; the father is well pleased with Him. Why? Because Jesus has been doing what God asked him to do, and he has been doing it with love" (page 344).

This really struick me in a new way b/c at times I can (proudly unfortunatly) say that I am doing God's will. Hey, I am home with the children. I am loving my husband. I am teaching our children at home. I am raising them. I am doing the duties of a housewife, a mother and caring for my children. But, am I doing it all with LOVE?
I thought of song by Marie Bellett- She is a singer song writer and mom of many boys-8 and 1 girl; and uses her songs to sing about motherhood! There is one specific song of hers that I listen to so much my children sing along with me... Ay Yi Yi. I cannot find the lyrics of it right now but it is an awesome reminder to do all things with great LOVE.
Lord, teach me to love You, love those You gave me, love who I am (imperfections and all), and put Your Great LOVE into all I do. All I do is for You, Lord. I am Your instrument.
God bless,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Take it or leave it

My hubby is urging me to post this:

I am starting a homeschool neighborhood- anyone want to move here and join in?!

Yes, I know it is only January. We have not even hit the worst of them all- February!

Boy, I cannot wait till Springtime!

God bless,

O.M. Gosh.

Oh. My. Gosh.
Kid #5 is just so almost 2 years old.
How can someone so very little make such a huge mess?
He has only been up for an hour and a half and we had Mister tornado and hurricane hit us already.
Guess my plans for today is official.
Where's the broom, vacuum and mop? Any maids want work today?

It's a good thing you are so very cute and cuddly, Mister cheerio child #5.
God bless,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

On my mind

Here is a passage that I keep thinking about today:

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you.” John 14:27
Interesting how the world describes peace as...
and how our Lord Jesus Christ says it is.
Let us always strive for His peace-it's everything and it's everlasting.

God bless,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Why

Why is it that when a mom does not see or hear her children playing (in other words QUIET) she immediately drops everything she is doing and finds something like this...
(do you see their toes?)
Those are not MY boys. Nope. Noway. No.
Not. My. Boys.

Did those army cargo pants throw you off? I thought not.
(not sure why I cannot get my pic upright...but you get the point)
Now if I can only find my nail polish remover...
God bless,

Where have I been?

Not that I am your best bud or anything...but in case you were wondering where I've been...
Does having surgery to take one's gall bladder out count?
How about finding out there was 30-40 stones in that stinker?!
Or how about seeing this
doing some of this and this

Happy 5th Birthday Kid #3!!! We love you! You have such a talent of building and hope you enjoy your REAL tools- just like Dad! So, go ahead and make that bed you've been talking about, like forever! You sure are ONE OF A KIND! God bless you!

and lots of this and more of this

and this (how adorable, huh? The sweet girl, not the doll, but she's okay, I guess.)

What? You have yet to meet "Baby Kelly"??? She is Kid #4's right hand dollie. Attached at the hip. Totally. And totally cute too. Amazing how those instincts kick in so young. You're gonna be one good momma, Kid #4! :)

God bless,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New year 2009!

I can't help but be like everyone else who takes the New Year seriously. That means looking back at 2008-and asking many questions...What did I do? What is my best accomplishment? What is my biggest disappointment? What could I have done better?

And to look ahead at the ever popular...What is my resolution for 2009?

I don't know about you but I do tend to shudder at these questions. When I can get some time to actually think without being interrupted is a great way to start, wouldn't you say?! But, even though I do not have this solitude that I often crave, I have to admit, these questions linger in my mind.

So, what is your resolution for 2009? Is it tangible, real or an ideal, far out there that you may not reach? Over the years, I have learned to be real with what I can and cannot do. Not that I am any good at this...yet...but I said that I am learning!

My resolution list (yes, a list- I am a big 'to do list' person) may consist in what the rest of the world has too- watching what I eat, loose weight, blah blah blah. But, I am also going to try my best to stick with my prayer life daily but be flexible and to be okay with that too! To see my day, my whole day, as a potential prayer. To see that it is not just a quick prayer to start my day and boom- I am done. But to extend it to different prayers throughout the day- The Anima Christi, The Angelus, and a Prayer for Vocations, the Rosary etc... Also, I am going to try my best at getting to daily mass more often during the week. I thank God that we have an early 7am mass in town, which is very helpful- as long as my little ones cooperate for Mommy to get out to that mass :) Thirdly, I am going to try to be more attentive to each of my 6 little blessings and especially to my biggest blessing-my husband, and to be thankful for each and every day with them. Life is hard, life is busy, life is chaotic. We need to remember to make it a point to appreciate and learn to love deeply those closest to us, those precious souls God placed in our lives is for a reason.

I am sure there is more to come as I keep thinking about 2009! In the mean time, GOD BLESS THE USA and may God bless you,