Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Pray NOW! Urgent!

Hello friends, a priest friend of ours have sent out an urgent email prayer request. Please please pray. Please sacrifice and pray. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

"Earlier this evening I had my last conversation with this young lady and her parents. Despite their apparent regret, they will be going through with the abortion tomorrow morning, January 12 at 8.00am (ET)--some of you may already have read this message after that time. It will be a chemical abortion so she will just take a pill at home that her “provider” already made already available to her. I was able to talk to Eduardo Verástegui this afternoon and he offered to talk to her. She wouldn’t talk to him nor anyone else about her decision. Let’s pray for her conversion in a very special way."

Thank you.
God bless,

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