Sunday, January 11, 2009

Move over, scented orange cleaners, I have a better idea.

Does this sound familiar?...
You cannot find either one of your 2 pairs of slippers (you have 2 b/c you know one will inevatibly get taken by little hands and lost). So you put on your socks-white socks- your feet are cold. You try not to complain after offering lots of rewards for whoever finds at least ONE pair of slippers first. No finders. No rewards.
After stepping in a pond of orange juice spilt on the floor with your right foot, you go into denial. ‘No, there is not much on my sock. I do not have time to take it off to put on another pair of socks. I have to get my cranky crying child down for a quiet time rest in his crib. I have to do it now. So, nah, that OJ on my foot is not too bad.'
After 10 minutes, you actually forget that your sock in soaked and you are wondering why there is a nice orange aroma coming from each of the rooms you enter into…until…you are in shock that now your right foot is soaked.
Why is it that it’s not until both socks and feet are wet that you conclude the socks need to come off?
Is it just me? I doubt it.
Happy Sunday!
Enjoy your OJ this morning and God bless,

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