Saturday, January 17, 2009

Social Awareness

So, what do you do when its 10 below outside-REALLY COLD!!! What do you do to keep yourself going strong and not end up giving yourself a pity party feeling lonely and all...well, check out some ideas/comments over at Margaret's site...

For me, I realized that trying to stay committed to something just for yourself to help you grow spiritually and intellectually is great- a group that sews/knits together, or exercise- volleyball or a walk with a friend, or a mom's night out weekly (that would be great!) or Bible study...whatever I can get to often helps out a lot.

Besides my weekly Bible Study that I get to only 2 x/month, today I went to my first art class - watercolor class-how about that? I am psyched about it! It was so much fun and so very uhm....quiet...really- we had to stay focused on painting so it was just so very nice and quiet. It has been a very long time since I signed up for a class- figured it is good for me and I can pass on that knowledge to my kids too! It gives me something to look forward to on a weekly basis as my little "artistic out". Funny, even though it was so quiet and we did not talk much at all (which is so not me with my type personality) but I was pleased to be in a room with 8 other ADULTS and did I mention it was rather quiet?

Gosh, I love my husband! Is he not totally awesome to watch the kids so I can do this?!
I can't wait to post some pics that I have drawn...that is if you're interested...???

Have a great Saturday and stay warm :)
God bless, Mary

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

This is a great list, Mary! You're right about the weather taking its toll on us, but what a great proactive response on your part. I especially like the idea of a Bible study and a watercolor class. Those two are right up my alley. :)