Monday, February 28, 2011

You know you have lots of kids when... buy a baby book at a yard sale 3 yrs ago (just in case! haaa) finally find that baby book when the baby is 6 weeks old

...then you realize you wrote in it already for the last baby

...then you swear you wrote about that baby in another baby book

...then you find that other baby book stored away deep in closet

...and notice that you started 2 baby books for the same baby! (baby #6 when you just had baby #7!) you scratch out HIS name and put HER name in it

...and you can't find the oh-so-popular 'white out' so you just scratch out HIS birth story and think about how you will find time to write about HER birth story instead!!!

Just sayin'!!!

HAAAAAA!  Laughter is healthy for body and soul!!!
God bless,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fire Recap

This week flew by for me, big time. 

Monday we were sadly saying our goodbyes to my wonderful-awesome-totally crazy- energy filled b/c they actually sleep-fun and loud -sisters who came for the weekend. (hee hee) 

How cool is that?  They ditched their own husbands to join my hubby, me and our brood.  Very cool, I must say. 

So, did you notice my blog post about a,  (if not, click HERE. I'll wait...)

Well, those sisters of mine were here and thanks be to God that they were!!!  We believe that WAS the reason they were to come up to visit us on this specific day and night and weekend.  What a crazy and terrible thing we had to have happen.  Let me explain...

Saturday night, all kids were sleeping, hubby was sleeping and even baby was asleep in her bassinet (which she does not do too often...she likes her Momma a whole lot).  So, that leaves 3 sisters up talking, of course, with wine, of course and that 7 dip thingy except it was not 7 but more like 5 dip thingy.  Anyway, it was super yummy (Thanks D!) and we were goofing off, chatting it up till late. 

11:30pm to be exact.

Then sweet baby started crying and b/c the considerate (ha!) wife that I am, I did not want my hubby to wake up so up I ran to gather my little sweetie and soothe her back to sleep.  As I am sitting in bed, I hear my sisters run, and I mean RUN up the stairs, knock quickly and abruptly at our bedroom door and say

"There is a your backyard!!!"

No time for me to think to look outside, I wholeheartedly believed what my sister was saying.  Who wouldn't, right?

At that moment, our thoughts were totally focused on getting our 7 children out of our house, far away from our house and as I did that, I glanced back to see an orange/yellow glow behind our house and our neighbors house with very high flames (looked about 10-12 feet probably).  I scurried them all into our van and awaited my hubby as he ran back inside to get a few things.  I knew we were still too close to our house so I drove the van up the street a little bit.  I was petrified, totally!  I was shaking as I heard and saw my sisters screaming "FIRE!!!" to all our neighbors as well as banging on their doors to alert them.  All of my kids were freaking out.  One had her head hid between her knees with her ears covered, another one was shaking so badly it looked as if he was having a seizure, another one stared blankly straight ahead as if he was blind.  The baby was still on my lap, ASLEEP THROUGH ALL THIS!!! Thank God she was sleeping!  I don't know what I would have done if she was up crying and screaming.  I started to bang on my horn and yelling "FIRE!" as well.  I keep on honking my horn for, what felt like 5-10 mins.  It was so scary.  Then the fire trucks came, 5-6 fire trucks and about 30 or more fire fighters.  It was quite the scene.  It took them 2+ hours to calm the fire, put it out, and drench our whole backyard wooded area. 

This is what it looked like once we got the "OK" to get back into our house and the firemen were putting away all their equipment and hoses.  It was around 1:30am, I think.

I am so thankful the kids all were OK (except one who slept on our bedroom floor-I don't blame her!  I am surprised they all were not in our bed!!!  I was freaking out!) with going back to their own beds and went back to sleep. 

I am thankful for those hardworking firemen who protected us and put out that nasty fire.

I am thankful for a sisters weekend and up late laughing and talking, for if we were not, there is NOWAY we would have known about this fire!

I am thankful for a very kind neighbor who called us and ended up leaving a message wondering if we were OK and if we needed to come to her home.  She called at midnight and of course, we were not here to answer her call.  Thank you God for good neighbors.

I am thankful that our other neighbors (well, at least some of them!) actually heard us beeping and yelling and banging on their doors.  Some were not concerned in the slightest -why, I have no idea! Weird... 

And I am thankful that we are all safe.  Thank you God.

God bless,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you have a child that loves to use his/her senses with everything? 
OR the opposite where they can't stand the feeling of something or whatever?

Yeah, me too. 

It is something to get accustomed to, that's for sure.  It was not easy in the beginning-almost frustrating or embarassing at times...but now, its much easier and we don't mind at all :)

So, do these pics make you smile? 

Hey, admit it-we all love to play with play dough and mush it through our fingers!!! haaa lol

LIFE---It's all about learning! 

And I am so happy that I can be the one to have found out about their individual needs of learning so early on.  Each of our children are so unique and have so many gifts that add to the beauty of our family makeup.  Thanks God!  I just hope and pray that I can do all in my power to make learning fun the way they learn best!!! :)

God bless,

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yeah, you've heard me right. 

Can you believe this?  What an ordeal!  How scary!!! 
When I have more time I will HAVE to explain. 
Let's just say---forrest fire was in our backyard last night at midnight!!!

More to come...
Here are some pics to hold you interested....

 Pics one day after>>>

View at 1:15am in our living room...

Thank you GOD we are all safe.
Thank you.

GOd bless,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

800th post~! Why Big Families rock!

Reasons why big families rock: :)
There are so many reasons but here are a few from the last few days):

  • There is always someone to play with or annoy
  •  If one does not want to play baseball, go play soccer w/another
  •  There are extra hands to make this Momma breakfast in bed for no reason at this morning! ... for when I asked them they said "B/c your our Momma, that's why."  I LOVE THESE KIDS!  BTW, their breakfast was awesome, homemade waffles and fruit salad :) 
  • Extra hands make work light! (esp. when this Momma decides to totally rearrange our home-move bedrooms and make the old living room a play room and trying to make a pantry out of a closet b/c our kitchen is extremely small and everything else to make a big homeschooling family run smoothly...)
  •  Older siblings to hold a new baby so this Momma can actually take a shower or cook dinner.
  • There is always someone to read a book to you
  •  The older kids make an obstacle course outside in the (dare I say?!) 70* weather for all the kids-so creative :)
  •  Big kids helping to put socks and shoes on their little buddies
  •  Bigger siblings wanting and willing to hold our new baby and burp her too! :)
  • Someone to always crack a joke or make me laugh
  • Never a dull moment-always keeping busy-never have to think or wonder if I am lazy or wasting my time :)
  • Enough hands to push 3 carts to go food shopping at our food shopping outing last night-what a sight that was!!!!
  • Many times you are asked by God to sacrifice, given the chance to give up selfishness and isn't that what life is all about?  Sure is.

More to come someday I have more time....

********I was asked this week how many kids I have and I almost slipped and said 6! haaa!! :)  First time I've been asked and I happily responded 7 :)

She said "And you homeschool too?  Wow, you must be so patient." 

You get that response too?  Well, I laughed out loud and said:

"Not really but I sure ask for it all the time." 

So true.  Just b/c us mommas of big families have lots of kidos it does not mean that we are so patient!  haa haa LOL. 

....But we have plenty of opportunities to practice it I guess :)

I think that 7 sure feels SO much mroe than 6 and I am getting used to thinking and realizing we fit that category of a "big family". 

When does that start anyway...after that 2.1 kid mark?  Who knows...

God bless and enjoy your weekend!  I know I will-my 2 sisters (w/none of their kids) are coming to visit...just because...oh I love them!  Plenty of wine, chick flicks and laughter w/my sisters...good times...I am so grateful we live near each other now (well, one is 4 hours away and one is 3 hours away-way closer than before!). 

Thank you God for this gift of family- I am forever grateful.

God bless,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cabin fever, you too?

We've been hit with lots of CABIN FEVER over here lately...

...until this week! : )

Thanks be to God for sending us some nice seasonal weather-yahoo! 

On Monday, Valentine's day (psst...happy 'love' day!), we went to a park in which all my kids wore t-shirts at!  It really was that warm of 65*!  We met up w/2 other homeschooling friends and had some red sprinkled Valentine cookies and us moms talked it up!  It was great to chat and have some adult interaction-its been a while for me :)

Then Tuesday and Wednesday was just pure craziness-I have had so many thoughts on my mind about how to organize, how to clean, how to get ready for Spring.   Of course having a little bitty baby that needs me in putting a bit of a twist on accomplishing those goals...but I keep trusting in God's will b/c this is where he needs me to be-to be focusing on her needs right now.   All those other grand ideas can just sit and wait for me for a while-there is lots of love to be given to little baby here :)

Today we are headed out once again to a park-supposed to be around 60* again!  And once again, thank You God for this weather.  This Southern thing is pure delight for this Momma, who knows fresh air is a GOOD thing for my kids ...and me!!! :)

Sorry to my Northern family and friends...this post was not to be a bragging post about our warmer weather.  I am in shock and am so grateful for it-that's all :)
Time to start getting ready...since it takes me almost an hour to get ready to go anywhere these days! (and I am always late!!!--yet another thign to offer up to our Lord, I suppose!)

God bless,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 yr old humor...which could be true

"Mom, in 10 years you'll be a WOMAN."

Me:  "Oh really?  Then what am I now?"

5 yr ld cutie:  "You're a Mommy now!!! "

haaaaa haaaa
I kept laughing so out loud on this one!  She really is something else.  There are so many funny things she says and does, I really really need to post more of these! :)   The winter is so blah sometimes and these are such pick-me-ups...thanks to my 5 yr old :)

God bless,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

4 on th 4th

happy bday to my big teddy bear!
Kidd#5 turned 4 on the 4th!

here are some pics:

If you can't tell...he loves MOOSE!

When he was little, he loved milk very much and even a little too much-as in when we started to lessen the amount he was drinking, he was not a happy camper.  He started with the nickname of "Moo Moo" b/c of all the milk he drank and then that nicknamed turned into MOOSE and it stuck b/c he is a Big Boy!

He is also very fond of Peter Rabbit and that cake was Momma's version of Pter Rabbit!

God bless you, big buddy!  You are such a gentle giant and you love your new baby little sister so much.  Keep close to Jesus all your days -we love you and thank God for you in our family!
God bless,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm pouch-ing it these days

I'm looking like this most these days:

Baby loves to snuggle in my pouch, THIS one...

I have used these ever with my 2nd baby on and they basically 'live' in these things!  I did not know of them with my first born-and anyway, I did everything everyone told me to do w/my first born! haaa :)  Nieve mom we all were back then!!!! :)  lol

More moms now a days say they can't live without a MOBY wrap...I have never tried those ...not yet at least. 

But for the past 8 1/2 yrs, this one called "Over the shoulder baby holder" is my absolute favorite.  I have also another wrap that I use when the baby gets bigger and chunkier, on occasion. 

But really, I don't go anywhere without my pouch and I use it ever so much throughout my day, unless a big kid can hold the baby, which in my case, this is the FIRST time I have had 2 such big kids to do such things!!! Life with a baby is MUCH Much much different when the 2 oldest are 10 and 8!!!

Woweeee, I am starting to get a clue to what other seasoned moms used to say to me..."things will be different once your oldest turns 10, I promise you!"  and that promise is starting to come true....much different this time around. 

Thank You God for keeping me strong and persevering through these last 10 years, it is started to pay off! 

God bless,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

St. Josephine Bakhita, pray for us!

Toward the end of her life, Mother Bakhita used to smile and say:

"I travel slowly, one step at a time, because I am carrying two big suitcases. One of them contains my sins, and in the other, which is much heavier, are the infinite merits of Jesus. When I reach heaven I will open the suitcases and say to God: 'Eternal Father, now you can judge.' And to St. Peter: 'Close the door, because I'm staying.'"

Happy Feast day!  We are having such a great time learning about St.  Josephine,
 and the Sudan.
HERE Is a coloring page for today.
St. Josephine, pray for us!

God bless,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Book on Boys!!!

Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons
This is the book that I am reading right now.  Have you read it?

It is called Boys Should be Boys by Meg Meeker, M.D.

Not that I have real *time* to read (haa haa) but I am up a whole lot many nights with one very special little baby girl.  Since my boys are ever growing up and challenging me to figure them out (they are not too hard to figure out but every bit helps!), this book is a 'must have on hand' book for any Mom!  I bought it a number of years ago and it is a book that I take down to reference to a lot, when I question something or need a little hlep in understanding why this or that.  I find it very helpful, even if I just read one chapter or a paragraph.

One line that I read last night that sticks out is..

"Moms need to love and love to be needed."

How very true is this!  Esp. now as I am ever needed to my sweet newborn and having many demands with all my other children as well.

P.S.  And, no I am not getting anything (although I would not turn it away if I was offered! :)) from putting a plug in for this book.  I just thought someone else could benefit from this great book as much as I have.

God bless, M

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Part III Birth Story

I'm trying to type as fast as I can hand! :) 

Hubby took all my kids for a little walk and me and sweet baby are home...alone!  I have been wanting to just finish her birth story b/c I know you all want to know, right?!?? LOL :)

Here we go...

Before I finish it off, for a refresher, go to:

Part I post HERE

Part II post HERE 

Tuesday January 18, 2011

OBGYN breaks my water
No hubby yet...
I was just talking w/my new doula and with my nurse, which we both found out that we have LOTS in common-we kept laughing over all the things we had in common!  In fact, she gave me her name and email b/c we kept agreeing, nodding our heads and laughing at the craziest things we had in common!
I am feeling that everything is peachy at this time. And wondering if and when I will have those strong contractions to have this little baby.


Daddy arrives!!! :)
No traffic, no problems and now I am so ready to have our baby :)  My prayers were answered and I was gleaming w/happiness.  (well, sort of! in a weird sort of way!!!! lol)
Daddy is looking at me, like "Are you in labor yet?" 
Not really, just those tight contractions/braxton hicks type of ones on/off every 7-8 mins.

WOWEE!  This was noted as the time for my first real strong contraction!  Then another, then another.  It felt like they jumped from 7-8 mins to 2-3 minutes in a split second.  I knew this was the real deal.  In all about 15-20 mins I was in transition and shaking.  The doula, my hubby or the nurse would ask me questions and I kept replying "I don't know!" which I was told was indicative of transition and about ready to give birth. I was scared and nervous, excited and happy all at the same time.  But one thing was for sure, I wanted this to be over-REALLY QUICK!
The nurse told me how I talked a lot during those moments I did not have a contraction.  I laughed, joked around and then was quiet through the contraction.  She told me that not all moms talk during labor and that I was really funny to be around! haaa-whatever!!!  :)

Ready to push!  Here we go!

My Baby girl was born!   

So, there ya go!!! 
God bless,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birth Story con't.

Part II...con't birth story.

See this post for Part I birth story.

When my doctor told me to go straight to the L&D at the hospital, it was so bittersweet.  Of course I waited long 9 months for this moment...yet I didn't want it at the same time. 

Who wants pain?  Our human weakness will shy from it...yet I was called. 

It was my time.  Whether I was mentally ready or not, it was time.  That day, that moment.

Let me tell you, I was not in major pain and in labor.  Crazy thought, I know!  Here I am 7 cm yet not in major pain!??!  Probably every mother's dream of a labor.  But don't forget all those weeks leading up to this moment...of all those false alarms of thinking I was in labor but not quite.  It was a tough month for me and in a sense...a long month of  'labor'

I called my doula on the way to the hospital but...get this!  She was at another birth!!! AACK!  What was I to do?  She told me she had a backup doula and could send her right over.  She asked me if this was okay which I responded positively to.   She asked me if I wanted to talk w/her first and I told her nope and to just send her right to the hospital.  So, here I am on my way to meet a woman, a doula, I have never met before yet she was to be there at one of my most special moments in my life.  She was going to be a part of a memory.  I told my original doula that this is God's Will and I have to trust Him.  She was saddened at not being there for me,  she apologized with sadness in her voice.  I knew this was genuine and even though it saddened me too, I knew God has a way with His Will.  So I trusted Him and I was off to meet, for the first time, my doula for this labor and delivery.

Since my hubby and all 6 kids went with me to my check up, I had to be dropped off at the myself!  I was nervous but my hubby and I agreed this could be a possibility and that he'd come back ASAP once he dropped all our kids off at home with a babysitter.  We both hoped and prayed that he would be there for the birth of our sweet baby.

I was rolled via wheelchair to the nurse's station and the nurse looked at me with one eyebrow up

"'re the mom at 7cm?" 

"Yes I sure am! :)" I replied with a grin and a giggle!!! :)

Sure, I felt tightening of my belly and uterus.  This is what I felt for the past month!  But once the nurse hooked me up to the monitor, she said every few minutes "Do you feel that?"

The RN told me I was having contractions every 7-8 minutes!  Ha!  Go figure!

I called a few friends that I had their numbers on my cell phone and asked for them to pray for me and to send out an email to pray, pray, pray!!!

The new doula showed up and we hit it off great.  Thank you God!   She was wonderful and was very similar to my original doula -her whole demeanor and everything so I felt very comfortable.  We chatted it up as much as we could going over what my 'birth plan' would be and what I wanted and what worked for me comfort wise.  It was very easy going -our conversation...and then my OBGYN walked in.

My favorite OBGYN (Yay!!!) came in and checked me and decided to break my water. 

Oh, the moment was here! and I could not believe it!!!  Here we go!  My biggest concern was if my hubby was going to be here at the moment the baby was born.  Would he be?  I sat and waited for those big contractions...but nothing.  Just sitting there with my new doula and talking, laughing...


Sorry!  Baby is crying!!!
God bless,