Saturday, February 12, 2011

4 on th 4th

happy bday to my big teddy bear!
Kidd#5 turned 4 on the 4th!

here are some pics:

If you can't tell...he loves MOOSE!

When he was little, he loved milk very much and even a little too much-as in when we started to lessen the amount he was drinking, he was not a happy camper.  He started with the nickname of "Moo Moo" b/c of all the milk he drank and then that nicknamed turned into MOOSE and it stuck b/c he is a Big Boy!

He is also very fond of Peter Rabbit and that cake was Momma's version of Pter Rabbit!

God bless you, big buddy!  You are such a gentle giant and you love your new baby little sister so much.  Keep close to Jesus all your days -we love you and thank God for you in our family!
God bless,

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