Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cabin fever, you too?

We've been hit with lots of CABIN FEVER over here lately...

...until this week! : )

Thanks be to God for sending us some nice seasonal weather-yahoo! 

On Monday, Valentine's day (psst...happy 'love' day!), we went to a park in which all my kids wore t-shirts at!  It really was that warm of 65*!  We met up w/2 other homeschooling friends and had some red sprinkled Valentine cookies and us moms talked it up!  It was great to chat and have some adult interaction-its been a while for me :)

Then Tuesday and Wednesday was just pure craziness-I have had so many thoughts on my mind about how to organize, how to clean, how to get ready for Spring.   Of course having a little bitty baby that needs me in putting a bit of a twist on accomplishing those goals...but I keep trusting in God's will b/c this is where he needs me to be-to be focusing on her needs right now.   All those other grand ideas can just sit and wait for me for a while-there is lots of love to be given to little baby here :)

Today we are headed out once again to a park-supposed to be around 60* again!  And once again, thank You God for this weather.  This Southern thing is pure delight for this Momma, who knows fresh air is a GOOD thing for my kids ...and me!!! :)

Sorry to my Northern family and friends...this post was not to be a bragging post about our warmer weather.  I am in shock and am so grateful for it-that's all :)
Time to start getting ready...since it takes me almost an hour to get ready to go anywhere these days! (and I am always late!!!--yet another thign to offer up to our Lord, I suppose!)

God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

We need the sun to come back out so we can play again, and dish about your fire!