Monday, February 28, 2011

You know you have lots of kids when... buy a baby book at a yard sale 3 yrs ago (just in case! haaa) finally find that baby book when the baby is 6 weeks old

...then you realize you wrote in it already for the last baby

...then you swear you wrote about that baby in another baby book

...then you find that other baby book stored away deep in closet

...and notice that you started 2 baby books for the same baby! (baby #6 when you just had baby #7!) you scratch out HIS name and put HER name in it

...and you can't find the oh-so-popular 'white out' so you just scratch out HIS birth story and think about how you will find time to write about HER birth story instead!!!

Just sayin'!!!

HAAAAAA!  Laughter is healthy for body and soul!!!
God bless,

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bobbi said...

Lol! Loved this. :-)