Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birth Story con't.

Part II...con't birth story.

See this post for Part I birth story.

When my doctor told me to go straight to the L&D at the hospital, it was so bittersweet.  Of course I waited long 9 months for this moment...yet I didn't want it at the same time. 

Who wants pain?  Our human weakness will shy from it...yet I was called. 

It was my time.  Whether I was mentally ready or not, it was time.  That day, that moment.

Let me tell you, I was not in major pain and in labor.  Crazy thought, I know!  Here I am 7 cm yet not in major pain!??!  Probably every mother's dream of a labor.  But don't forget all those weeks leading up to this moment...of all those false alarms of thinking I was in labor but not quite.  It was a tough month for me and in a sense...a long month of  'labor'

I called my doula on the way to the hospital but...get this!  She was at another birth!!! AACK!  What was I to do?  She told me she had a backup doula and could send her right over.  She asked me if this was okay which I responded positively to.   She asked me if I wanted to talk w/her first and I told her nope and to just send her right to the hospital.  So, here I am on my way to meet a woman, a doula, I have never met before yet she was to be there at one of my most special moments in my life.  She was going to be a part of a memory.  I told my original doula that this is God's Will and I have to trust Him.  She was saddened at not being there for me,  she apologized with sadness in her voice.  I knew this was genuine and even though it saddened me too, I knew God has a way with His Will.  So I trusted Him and I was off to meet, for the first time, my doula for this labor and delivery.

Since my hubby and all 6 kids went with me to my check up, I had to be dropped off at the myself!  I was nervous but my hubby and I agreed this could be a possibility and that he'd come back ASAP once he dropped all our kids off at home with a babysitter.  We both hoped and prayed that he would be there for the birth of our sweet baby.

I was rolled via wheelchair to the nurse's station and the nurse looked at me with one eyebrow up

"'re the mom at 7cm?" 

"Yes I sure am! :)" I replied with a grin and a giggle!!! :)

Sure, I felt tightening of my belly and uterus.  This is what I felt for the past month!  But once the nurse hooked me up to the monitor, she said every few minutes "Do you feel that?"

The RN told me I was having contractions every 7-8 minutes!  Ha!  Go figure!

I called a few friends that I had their numbers on my cell phone and asked for them to pray for me and to send out an email to pray, pray, pray!!!

The new doula showed up and we hit it off great.  Thank you God!   She was wonderful and was very similar to my original doula -her whole demeanor and everything so I felt very comfortable.  We chatted it up as much as we could going over what my 'birth plan' would be and what I wanted and what worked for me comfort wise.  It was very easy going -our conversation...and then my OBGYN walked in.

My favorite OBGYN (Yay!!!) came in and checked me and decided to break my water. 

Oh, the moment was here! and I could not believe it!!!  Here we go!  My biggest concern was if my hubby was going to be here at the moment the baby was born.  Would he be?  I sat and waited for those big contractions...but nothing.  Just sitting there with my new doula and talking, laughing...


Sorry!  Baby is crying!!!
God bless,


Nicole from Canada said...

Talk about suspenseful!!!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

You MUST put my # in your cell!!!

I can't wait to read the rest!!