Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby #7 Birth Story

I always find birth stories so interesting and so I thought I'd share mine with you.

Monday Jan. 17th, 2011
40 weeks pregnant
This was my due date.

It was this Monday morning Jan 17th and I was not feeling too hot.  Another personal physical issue was going on that made me sore indeed.  Good thing my hubby had off that day b/c I was so uncomfortable and cried off and on all day-partly b/c of the pain and partly b/c I was a very hormonal pregnant Momma!

Originally I had my 40 week OBGYN appt set up for that Thursday but I caved in and called them to see if I could be seen earlier due to that personal physical issue that was going on.  They fit me in for an 11:30am appt for Tues.

Tuesday Jan. 18th, 2011

Woke up feeling miserable.  Was up the whole night before taking hot baths about every hour to hour and 1/2 b/c of being so uncomfortable.  So glad my hubby decided to work from home this day b/c I could not move off my bed.  All this uncomfortableness I was feeling, or so I thought, was from my physical issue that was causing pain not b/c of being pregnant and laboring!

11:30 am OBGYN appt.
Went in to get checked out and the docs told me that I was 7 cm dilated!!!
He told me that he did not feel comfortable with letting me go home (we are 40ish mins from the docs and hospital) and so he said let's get me to L&D (labor and delivery) to break my water and have this baby!



God bless,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still more to come...

I am smitten by a certain little gal. :)
Sweet as ever.
Her smell consumes me.
We adore her.
We hear many "Oh, Mom, I just love her so much" all day long.
She makes me coo and kiss her rosey cheeks  incessantly.
She brings smiles to all her family members.

As Daddy says "God has a rose garden in Heaven and He picked one and sent us a rose from above."

How cute is that???

She keeps me up many hours throughout the night, but somehow I don't mind.  It's our special time together.

So, this is where I've been...on my baby moon! :)
Lovin' it!

I can't wait to share her birth story with you all.  When time permits and I can actually stop holding and snuggling with my sweet baby girl.

God bless,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Girl!!!

Announcing a sweet baby GIRL
was born on Tuesday, January 18th
at 4:22pm

9 lbs 2 oz
21 inches

Mom and baby are doing great!  Thank you all for praying!! I will write more later when I get home (I'm at the hospital still-isn't this cool having access to the internet at the hospital!??!!? :))
  Thank you again!!!!
God bless,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hormonal venting...hope you don't mind!

Hi!   I went to Mass this morning and it was Mass with children along...if you get my drift.  I'm pretty used to it by now but I also deeply long for a quiet intimate focused Mass sometime soon, I do hope! :)

My hubby decided ...contrary to my thoughts...that it would be a great idea to wash our van and car?!  Uhm, it is only 38* outside right now.  Yes, he knows this.  I guess the whole sand and dirt on vehicles has been bothering him for a while.  Actually I know this for sure since he has mentioned in the last 2 weeks, at least 3 x/week that the car wash across from his office was packed with cars again! 
These boys (and men!) I am still trying to understand!!! :) 
That dirt and sand is surely not something that bothers me or would drive me outside to do and freeze while doing it.

OK, so I am pretty hormonal lately.  Well, really hormonal if you ask my hubby.  Snapping at my family, crying one moment, sad, happy the next moment, bursts of energy can change in a heartbeat how I I guess it is no surprise that I am responding to my husband's crazy decision the way that I am.  He sure deals with me and accepts me throughout this (and all the others) whole pregnancy deal---I guess he is used to it, it is the 7th time now!!! 

Or at least he knows how to respond now and how to prepare to deal with me and my craziness.

Here is my rantings as of today, right now...
I am a beached whale.
I know it and I look it.
I feel big.
I walk funny.
I am tired.
I am off balance big time.
I eat and eat.
I am asked all the time whether this is a boy or girl.
I am asked when am I due and when I say tomorrow, they look at me wide eyed-yikes! :)
I am tired.
I am sick of making dinners and lunches and breakfasts.
I am tired of bending over.
I am tired of sitting down only to get up again so soon.
I am tired of trying to get up in funny & silly looking ways.
I am tired of feeling so uncomfortable while sleeping and sitting (when I do sit).
I am tired of waking up to go potty so much.
I am tired of counting contractions and waiting to see if labor has begun.
I am tired.
I am a 40 week pregnant momma.

These are all part of this beautiful pregnancy, this I know.  (and they are beautiful is so many ways).
But I also know this is hormonal and I may not feel this way in 5mins!
I am also aware of God's timing (as in my previous posts) but I am also very human who responds human-ly! So...what do you expect from a momma ready to give birth any day/any hour? 

Yeah, so I thought you'd understand~!!!!

I just needed to vent and hope you don't mind!

God bless,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Horray for Saturday!

Ya know that song "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood? 
That is the song that I have been singing outloud (yikes!) and in my little head today.

Busy, busy, busy today doing lots of Saturday things-dentist appt's, cleaning and vacuuming van, cleaning out garage and even a good strong walk to see if labor begins.  My kidos and hubby were the best helpers ever today yet again helping out.  Thank You God!

Well, did that walk start labor, you ask?  Nope, not yet!  But I'm not about to fret!

God bless,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Letting Go and Letting God

Back to the docs I went today just to find out not much is new. 

I am still at all the same points as yesterday but today, I am much more at ease

Way more at ease.

Today while talking w/my sister, it occurred to me how ready I am to begin labor. I am at the brink!  I could not be any more ready physically to birth this little baby...but, what is holding me back?  The thing is that it is not God's timing, His perfect timing.  The baby is cozy and everything looks fantastic.  Why was I fretting?

So I have had a few nights of false labor (at least I did not end up at the hospital!) and even last night they were so strong that I thought for sure it might be real.  After about 2 hours and a little more of strong consistent contractions under 15 mins, and I mean strong enough that I had to bend over and could not talk---ya know, those real hard ones?... it all stopped.  I went to bed and had a decent sleep for what it is right now.  I guess I need my sleep more than ever now.

My body is ready and at the point of any moment kicking into high gear labor, yet I am at ease. 

B/c for some reason, God is not allowing it and I am okay with this.  I may think my body is ready, but maybe for some reason it is not and this, I am okay with.  Maybe my body and mind are not yet strong enough and I may end up getting a c-section or maybe I'd have major or even minor complications.  Only God knows and He is in charge. 

For whatever the reason may be, I am letting go and letting God.
I am not disappointed or frustrated as I was earlier in the week.
We have a nice long 3 day weekend and that gives me peace. 
No snow storms to be reckoned with===peace!

God bless,
I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, January 13, 2011


  • 4cm dilated
  • 70% effaced
  • procedure done second time
  • Non-stress-test and fluid levels checked=look great! :)
  • contractions on/off tonight....

Obviously I am not a good person to predict anything with this little bambino. 

So, I ask measly reader or 2 or 3 (haaa!!!)..what do YOU think? 
When do YOU think this baby is coming?
Boy or a Girl?

Nervousness and excitement is building...will keep you posted (if this baby does not come TOO fast!)
God bless,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still hanging on...

Well, ok.  This little baby surely likes to stay warm and cuddly inside of me!
Had some contractions last night and last evening.  My kids prayed that with this bad weather that we got (little snow and some sleet) that baby would not come so that we would not get in an accident.  I guess He heard all their pleas!

Now, we are ready.
Weather is great.

Baby, won't you please come out to meet us all? 
We are waiting for you!!!
We love you!!!
God bless,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Update

I went for my weekly OBGYN appt this morning and I am now 70% effaced and still 3cm.

They decided to do a procedure that is similar to 'breaking my water' to see if they can get labor moving.

The doctor could not believe that I have not had this baby yet!!!

All is ready to go and we are just waiting on baby to decide when.  I have had lots of contractions on/off today, which is a rarity since they have always started after dinner and lasted the evening.  Is this a sign?  Maybe! 

Please keep baby and I in your prayers. 
If labor gets intense and I  know this is for real, God willing, I will have a moment to post and request even more prayers---if you don't mind :)

God bless,

Monday, January 10, 2011


After 3 hours of strong contractions 15-20 mins apart pretty consistently, it all came to a hault and stopped! 

I thought for sure after almost 2 hours that it would mean it was the real deal, but nope!

Let's hope and pray that this baby does not come in the snow that is expected tonight and tomorrow. 
Dear Lord, hear my prayer!

God bless,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maybe tonight? Maybe not.

I have been waiting to write a little post tonight to let you know that my little baby is still INSIDE of me!!! 

But about an hour and 1/2 ago, I've had some hard contractions spacing all under about 15-20 mins apart.  These are the hard contractions that I have had the past 2-3 weeks but this is the FIRST time they are somewhat consistent.  Just about every night, I go through these hard contractions but there has not been any consistency to them at all...until tonight I think.  Then again, they could all just come to a hault like many other nights!

The house is dark and quiet and everyone is sleeping, even hubby! :)  I love my quiet nights like this.

I dare not wake my man up...not quite yet, he is so very tired and not that night owl that I, I am wondering what to make of this.  I guess I'll just surf around this blogosphere and internet for a little longer to see what happens and pass the time.  Then, I'll get in bed and see what happens and if any contractions start waking me up! 

Oh, I am excited!
and I am happy!
But I am also scared!
and I am worried!
But above all, I trust and I love and I trust some more.

Hope to tell you some good news soon!

If not, this will be yet another false labor!!!

God bless,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Be ye thankful

I have been able to see things through different lenses lately and I am seeing some perks in life right now that are superb, and most of these I have been missing or failed to see b/c of my selfishness.  I am grateful to God for helping me to see these. 

Since I have had time to wait upon this new baby's arrival, and I am at the point that I cannot do much at all... God has graced me with letting go and sitting back and taking it all in.  I am thankful for this time.  Obviously, in no time at all, life will get busy (as if it ever slows down! haaaa) yet again.  But a great busy with our little gem of a bundle of love. 

We all are so very very excited to meet our new blessing-boy or girl --so excited to find out! 

My kids notice when I have a contraction and sometimes more than just one random one, they note the time and ask "Are you having them consistent, Mom?" , "Do you want me to get the exercise ball for you?" , "Is it time, yet, Mom?", "Should I call Dad now?", "Do you think the baby is coming TODAY???!?!?!?!"

Soooo cute!  Having a baby now with a 10 and an 8 yr old also is so very different than any other pregnancy that I have gone through.  They are so in tune with what is going on, as you can see with the questions above.   I just know they are going to be great helpers. 

Here are my latest perks in life that God has graced me the ability to see and appreciate during this time of waiting:

1.  What?  You need me to mention my #1 perk?  Ok.  Coffee!  Duh! ;)

2.   When not drinking coffee, I found a tea that I really like. 
It is called Stash Premium White Christmas white tea. YUM!  It really is quite good and now since Christmas is officially over, it is nice to still have a bit of the Christmas feeling and taste around.   We have yet to take down our tree-this is a hard thing for me to do!  It is just so pretty, so comforting, so calming.   It has to be done, I am sure it will be this weekend sometime.... ;(

3.  Watching and hearing my kidos play NICELY together! 
Those big Lego's and the Lego table are still such a huge hit around here!  My 10 yr old down to my 2 yr old can play together and feel a part of our 'team' family playing together, not feeling left out.  It is so interesting to see that there needs not to be tons of different toys around to keep kids occupied and happy.  The smallest things and the simplest things in life will please them very much and keep their attention. 

4.  Watching my boys in the woods. 
They have made some bridges over our little stream.  They have found a frog (YES! a FROG!) hibernating and then after playing some w/it, they finally put him back. 

5.  Fun times with the bigger kids.
During school yesterday in Religion, we were discussing morning offerings and prayers.  We talked about offering everything in our day-our prayers, works, joys and sufferings.  Then I read off certain things off a list and discussed which category it would go in.  Great discussions we had!  Amazing how little minds think.  And then last night, the little boys were playing and after dinner, we all sat at the table playing "Telephone Game"-remember that?  We had some serious loud laughing time!  We all needed those laughs so much!  It was great! So fun!

6.   Talking with my hubby.
Having great talking time with my hubby last night till way too late.  But  it was way needed.  It is very easy to get caught up in life and the busy-ness of it all that we forget some of the most important things-to keep the communication open between hubby and wife.  He is not a night person, so this was quite an offering up for him and I appreciate it so much.  Love you honey!

7.  Waking up at 5:50am to my 2 yr old calling for me....
Wait!  That's not it.  That is not the perk!  The perk is that after I brought him into bed w/me so that I could actually wake up, he planted tons of kisses on my cheeks and forehead, 'loving me up'!!!  So sweet, how could anyone get mad at that little guy waking up like that?  It lasted almost 1/2 hour with him snuggling next to me.  Priceless.

8.  Watching my 2 yr old play with the little army guys and cowboys and Indian figurines.  So cute and it keeps his attention fairly well, even for just a measly 10 mins!

9.  Having quite the conversations with my almost 4 yr old big teddy bear (as I call him!  He is so tender and so big and so darn cute!).   He has these big blue/green eyes that pierce right through me.  He has great eye connection while talking and I just melt as he stutters taking his little ol' time to tell me his stories, his thoughts, his concerns.   I should have posted the tons of these that are happening lately-they have just started with him a few weeks ago and well, I guess he is growing up!  He still loves his Momma so much, he needs me so much, he needs my hugs and my attention for him...and I love that, of course!  His latest one was last night after going to the store with Daddy to pick up chicken for dinner..."

Ya know, Mom...when I get big, ya know, when I wear big boy underwear like all the time and no more diapers?  Like when I am 17.  I am gonna get a fancy red car.  And you will give me money for it, right?  You have lots of money and you give it to me and then I can have a fancy red car." 

HAAAA!!! Is that adorable or what????? Oh my. 

God bless,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Laa Laaa Laaaaa, prayer request

I'm still here, hanging on...
Still here....laaa laaa laaaa...still here!!!

I went for my obgyn weekly check up today and I am 3 cm and 50% and at 0 station so we'll see what God has planned!

At least things are moving along even if a bit slooooooowwwwwly...(I was 2-3 cm and 50% and at -2 station about 2 weeks ago.)

Can I ask you, dear readers out there to please pray that I can start labor on my own sometime soon and I do not have to have a c-section please!!!

I cannot be induced so this is my only option.
Thanks so much!
God bless,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday!

Yesterday, we celebrated my 2nd son's 7th BIRTHDAY!!!

It was Epiphany too, what a great day!

This kido is quite the artist for his age-very detailed about his drawings-esp. his original drawings.  Just recently, he entered into a contest w/Crayola and he won 2nd place!  He was so pleased w/himself as were we all.  So proud!  I am glad that he has let this beautiful talent and gift from God flourish.  His drawing is something that calms him, and makes his heart content.  What a gift to find that out at such a young age!

For his bday, among other things, he recieved 2 new how to draw-drawing books,-THIS ONE and THIS ONE,  and artist sketch pad.  He has drawn almost everything in those books already!!! haa!

Here are some pics from his Indian Birthday party that he requested:

Do you see the teepee and fire pit made from pretzel sticks?
M, L and I helped me set this cake up-they had as much fun as I did! 
I absolutely love to surprise my kids with special cakes. 
Those looks on their faces are worth every effort.  Priceless!  
Do you see those Indian people (thanks $1 store!  you rock!)

Playing with the Indians from the cake...

Happy Birthday to the best and my favorite
7 year old artist EVER!
May you always strive to be close to Jesus and Mary all the days of your life.  May you continue to think of others in your prayers.  May you always try to do what is right.  May you always smile your biggest smile.  May you always be content with life.  May you always give glory to God with your artwork.  May you become the boy and man that God has created you to be- so very special and so unique!
I love you buddy.
Your Momma

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Still here

Not to get your hopes up from my past posts of my false labors and such, I am still hanging on and my oven is still cooking along!

Happy New Year! 2011!

I really thought that we'd have this lil baby before the end of 2010 and even get a lil tax break (heee heee)...but...God has other plans!

Tomorrow is my 2nd son's 7th birthday!  I am glad that I will be home to celebrate it and not in the hospital missing the festivities :)

On a totally different topic....New Year's Resolutions...

Usually, I have a list of goals for the new year but this year is different in that I really have forgotten. I have not had the time to deeply think into any type of goals, and maybe there is a bit of discouragement there too.  Ok, maybe a lot of discouragement.  I have learned so much as being a mommy for the past 10 yrs... of letting go.  Of realizing my life is not my own.   Of being flexible.  Of alllowing and accepting life the way that God intends and wills for me and my family.  Of having a life that is full of potential w/ my 7 kidos, and knowing that 'this too shall pass' and 'it's only a phase' and 'time flies by esp. when they are little'.  But w/ these thoughts and realizations, I have had to live my life as a  mommy w/HOPE and mostly to live reactively to the constant demands on lil ol' me.  I have wanted to be more proactive but that is quite difficult when God calls me to live a certain way at very specific times, never mind what my plans for the day might be.  THis is a learning period in my life and I certainly have not conquered it and maybe will never until I am called HOME.  That is okay.  I have learned to accept it even though at times it drives me nutsy.  I do have my little goals but I am also learning to not get as upset when they do not go as  planned the way that I would like them to go.  That in itself if huge for me.  Maybe you too?!

Best go now.
Good night and God bless,