Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maybe tonight? Maybe not.

I have been waiting to write a little post tonight to let you know that my little baby is still INSIDE of me!!! 

But about an hour and 1/2 ago, I've had some hard contractions spacing all under about 15-20 mins apart.  These are the hard contractions that I have had the past 2-3 weeks but this is the FIRST time they are somewhat consistent.  Just about every night, I go through these hard contractions but there has not been any consistency to them at all...until tonight I think.  Then again, they could all just come to a hault like many other nights!

The house is dark and quiet and everyone is sleeping, even hubby! :)  I love my quiet nights like this.

I dare not wake my man up...not quite yet, he is so very tired and not that night owl that I, I am wondering what to make of this.  I guess I'll just surf around this blogosphere and internet for a little longer to see what happens and pass the time.  Then, I'll get in bed and see what happens and if any contractions start waking me up! 

Oh, I am excited!
and I am happy!
But I am also scared!
and I am worried!
But above all, I trust and I love and I trust some more.

Hope to tell you some good news soon!

If not, this will be yet another false labor!!!

God bless,

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