Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hormonal venting...hope you don't mind!

Hi!   I went to Mass this morning and it was Mass with children along...if you get my drift.  I'm pretty used to it by now but I also deeply long for a quiet intimate focused Mass sometime soon, I do hope! :)

My hubby decided ...contrary to my thoughts...that it would be a great idea to wash our van and car?!  Uhm, it is only 38* outside right now.  Yes, he knows this.  I guess the whole sand and dirt on vehicles has been bothering him for a while.  Actually I know this for sure since he has mentioned in the last 2 weeks, at least 3 x/week that the car wash across from his office was packed with cars again! 
These boys (and men!) I am still trying to understand!!! :) 
That dirt and sand is surely not something that bothers me or would drive me outside to do and freeze while doing it.

OK, so I am pretty hormonal lately.  Well, really hormonal if you ask my hubby.  Snapping at my family, crying one moment, sad, happy the next moment, bursts of energy can change in a heartbeat how I I guess it is no surprise that I am responding to my husband's crazy decision the way that I am.  He sure deals with me and accepts me throughout this (and all the others) whole pregnancy deal---I guess he is used to it, it is the 7th time now!!! 

Or at least he knows how to respond now and how to prepare to deal with me and my craziness.

Here is my rantings as of today, right now...
I am a beached whale.
I know it and I look it.
I feel big.
I walk funny.
I am tired.
I am off balance big time.
I eat and eat.
I am asked all the time whether this is a boy or girl.
I am asked when am I due and when I say tomorrow, they look at me wide eyed-yikes! :)
I am tired.
I am sick of making dinners and lunches and breakfasts.
I am tired of bending over.
I am tired of sitting down only to get up again so soon.
I am tired of trying to get up in funny & silly looking ways.
I am tired of feeling so uncomfortable while sleeping and sitting (when I do sit).
I am tired of waking up to go potty so much.
I am tired of counting contractions and waiting to see if labor has begun.
I am tired.
I am a 40 week pregnant momma.

These are all part of this beautiful pregnancy, this I know.  (and they are beautiful is so many ways).
But I also know this is hormonal and I may not feel this way in 5mins!
I am also aware of God's timing (as in my previous posts) but I am also very human who responds human-ly! So...what do you expect from a momma ready to give birth any day/any hour? 

Yeah, so I thought you'd understand~!!!!

I just needed to vent and hope you don't mind!

God bless,


Nicole said...

Vent away anytime Mary - you are safw here..we all love you and are praying this precious little baby of yours will arrive any minute now too!
BTW, you are always so positive it's nice to read you are human like me once in a while ((wink))

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Nicole, thank you! :)
Yes, I am a very human person who is in a lot of ways...just like you! :)
THanks for the support and I'll keep you posted!!!
God bless, Mary

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Oh, I would have come over and tried to take your mind off everything!! I'm sorry, I know how hard the last bit can be (kinda, I've never been blessed enough to go "all the way"...yet)