Saturday, January 1, 2011

Still here

Not to get your hopes up from my past posts of my false labors and such, I am still hanging on and my oven is still cooking along!

Happy New Year! 2011!

I really thought that we'd have this lil baby before the end of 2010 and even get a lil tax break (heee heee)...but...God has other plans!

Tomorrow is my 2nd son's 7th birthday!  I am glad that I will be home to celebrate it and not in the hospital missing the festivities :)

On a totally different topic....New Year's Resolutions...

Usually, I have a list of goals for the new year but this year is different in that I really have forgotten. I have not had the time to deeply think into any type of goals, and maybe there is a bit of discouragement there too.  Ok, maybe a lot of discouragement.  I have learned so much as being a mommy for the past 10 yrs... of letting go.  Of realizing my life is not my own.   Of being flexible.  Of alllowing and accepting life the way that God intends and wills for me and my family.  Of having a life that is full of potential w/ my 7 kidos, and knowing that 'this too shall pass' and 'it's only a phase' and 'time flies by esp. when they are little'.  But w/ these thoughts and realizations, I have had to live my life as a  mommy w/HOPE and mostly to live reactively to the constant demands on lil ol' me.  I have wanted to be more proactive but that is quite difficult when God calls me to live a certain way at very specific times, never mind what my plans for the day might be.  THis is a learning period in my life and I certainly have not conquered it and maybe will never until I am called HOME.  That is okay.  I have learned to accept it even though at times it drives me nutsy.  I do have my little goals but I am also learning to not get as upset when they do not go as  planned the way that I would like them to go.  That in itself if huge for me.  Maybe you too?!

Best go now.
Good night and God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I need to hang out with you more, I feel like you're so peaceful and I'm high strung!!
PLUS, any tips on a bigger family I can pick up!! ;o)