Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday!

Yesterday, we celebrated my 2nd son's 7th BIRTHDAY!!!

It was Epiphany too, what a great day!

This kido is quite the artist for his age-very detailed about his drawings-esp. his original drawings.  Just recently, he entered into a contest w/Crayola and he won 2nd place!  He was so pleased w/himself as were we all.  So proud!  I am glad that he has let this beautiful talent and gift from God flourish.  His drawing is something that calms him, and makes his heart content.  What a gift to find that out at such a young age!

For his bday, among other things, he recieved 2 new how to draw-drawing books,-THIS ONE and THIS ONE,  and artist sketch pad.  He has drawn almost everything in those books already!!! haa!

Here are some pics from his Indian Birthday party that he requested:

Do you see the teepee and fire pit made from pretzel sticks?
M, L and I helped me set this cake up-they had as much fun as I did! 
I absolutely love to surprise my kids with special cakes. 
Those looks on their faces are worth every effort.  Priceless!  
Do you see those Indian people (thanks $1 store!  you rock!)

Playing with the Indians from the cake...

Happy Birthday to the best and my favorite
7 year old artist EVER!
May you always strive to be close to Jesus and Mary all the days of your life.  May you continue to think of others in your prayers.  May you always try to do what is right.  May you always smile your biggest smile.  May you always be content with life.  May you always give glory to God with your artwork.  May you become the boy and man that God has created you to be- so very special and so unique!
I love you buddy.
Your Momma

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