Friday, January 7, 2011

Be ye thankful

I have been able to see things through different lenses lately and I am seeing some perks in life right now that are superb, and most of these I have been missing or failed to see b/c of my selfishness.  I am grateful to God for helping me to see these. 

Since I have had time to wait upon this new baby's arrival, and I am at the point that I cannot do much at all... God has graced me with letting go and sitting back and taking it all in.  I am thankful for this time.  Obviously, in no time at all, life will get busy (as if it ever slows down! haaaa) yet again.  But a great busy with our little gem of a bundle of love. 

We all are so very very excited to meet our new blessing-boy or girl --so excited to find out! 

My kids notice when I have a contraction and sometimes more than just one random one, they note the time and ask "Are you having them consistent, Mom?" , "Do you want me to get the exercise ball for you?" , "Is it time, yet, Mom?", "Should I call Dad now?", "Do you think the baby is coming TODAY???!?!?!?!"

Soooo cute!  Having a baby now with a 10 and an 8 yr old also is so very different than any other pregnancy that I have gone through.  They are so in tune with what is going on, as you can see with the questions above.   I just know they are going to be great helpers. 

Here are my latest perks in life that God has graced me the ability to see and appreciate during this time of waiting:

1.  What?  You need me to mention my #1 perk?  Ok.  Coffee!  Duh! ;)

2.   When not drinking coffee, I found a tea that I really like. 
It is called Stash Premium White Christmas white tea. YUM!  It really is quite good and now since Christmas is officially over, it is nice to still have a bit of the Christmas feeling and taste around.   We have yet to take down our tree-this is a hard thing for me to do!  It is just so pretty, so comforting, so calming.   It has to be done, I am sure it will be this weekend sometime.... ;(

3.  Watching and hearing my kidos play NICELY together! 
Those big Lego's and the Lego table are still such a huge hit around here!  My 10 yr old down to my 2 yr old can play together and feel a part of our 'team' family playing together, not feeling left out.  It is so interesting to see that there needs not to be tons of different toys around to keep kids occupied and happy.  The smallest things and the simplest things in life will please them very much and keep their attention. 

4.  Watching my boys in the woods. 
They have made some bridges over our little stream.  They have found a frog (YES! a FROG!) hibernating and then after playing some w/it, they finally put him back. 

5.  Fun times with the bigger kids.
During school yesterday in Religion, we were discussing morning offerings and prayers.  We talked about offering everything in our day-our prayers, works, joys and sufferings.  Then I read off certain things off a list and discussed which category it would go in.  Great discussions we had!  Amazing how little minds think.  And then last night, the little boys were playing and after dinner, we all sat at the table playing "Telephone Game"-remember that?  We had some serious loud laughing time!  We all needed those laughs so much!  It was great! So fun!

6.   Talking with my hubby.
Having great talking time with my hubby last night till way too late.  But  it was way needed.  It is very easy to get caught up in life and the busy-ness of it all that we forget some of the most important things-to keep the communication open between hubby and wife.  He is not a night person, so this was quite an offering up for him and I appreciate it so much.  Love you honey!

7.  Waking up at 5:50am to my 2 yr old calling for me....
Wait!  That's not it.  That is not the perk!  The perk is that after I brought him into bed w/me so that I could actually wake up, he planted tons of kisses on my cheeks and forehead, 'loving me up'!!!  So sweet, how could anyone get mad at that little guy waking up like that?  It lasted almost 1/2 hour with him snuggling next to me.  Priceless.

8.  Watching my 2 yr old play with the little army guys and cowboys and Indian figurines.  So cute and it keeps his attention fairly well, even for just a measly 10 mins!

9.  Having quite the conversations with my almost 4 yr old big teddy bear (as I call him!  He is so tender and so big and so darn cute!).   He has these big blue/green eyes that pierce right through me.  He has great eye connection while talking and I just melt as he stutters taking his little ol' time to tell me his stories, his thoughts, his concerns.   I should have posted the tons of these that are happening lately-they have just started with him a few weeks ago and well, I guess he is growing up!  He still loves his Momma so much, he needs me so much, he needs my hugs and my attention for him...and I love that, of course!  His latest one was last night after going to the store with Daddy to pick up chicken for dinner..."

Ya know, Mom...when I get big, ya know, when I wear big boy underwear like all the time and no more diapers?  Like when I am 17.  I am gonna get a fancy red car.  And you will give me money for it, right?  You have lots of money and you give it to me and then I can have a fancy red car." 

HAAAA!!! Is that adorable or what????? Oh my. 

God bless,


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

COFFEE!!! Let's go out sometime with out anyone that's not nursing, so I can have an adult conversation, pick your brain about CHC and mothering many!! (and so many other things)

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Of course! :) I'd love to!
God bless,