Friday, March 30, 2012

The SOUP is on!

So, Ma...What's for dinner?

Here's our menu for tonight:

Since it's Lent-the last Friday before Good Friday-can you believe that?--we are having soup again!  My kids are not big fans of soup but don't mind it esp. if there are the yummy pretzels we make so they can dip them into it.  That recipe is following the soup one down below.

Lentil-Veggie Soup

1 cup dry lentils (I used red lentils)
1 cup carrots (2 medium)
1 cup chopped celery (2 stalks)
1 chopped onions
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf
2 14 ounce cans veggie broth (or Chicken if not Lent or want to go vegetarian)=3 1/2 cups but I used  4 cups
1 1/2 cups water (I used 3 cups)
1 14.5 ounce (I used 24 ounce can)
parsley (they call for fresh snipped but I used dried)

Put all in CROCK POT on high for 5-6 hours.

Love Crock Pot recipes!!! (well, most of them....those meats all end up tasting the same to me but still easier to just put it on and let it cook w/out worrying about it! :)



1 tbsp sugar
1 pkg of yeast or 2 1/4 tsp
1 1/2 warm water
 1 tsp salt
4 cups flour
1 egg white for topping and to make the salt stick
coarse salt for topping the pretzels

Add  sugar to water and mix, sprinkle in yeast and stir until it dissolves. Add salt and blend in flour and KNEAD until smooth.

Place in PAM sprayed bowl and let sit till it DOUBLES in size.

Roll pieces of dough into long thin ropes and twist into pretzels.  Place in greased cookie sheet and brushw/the beated egg white and sprinkle w/coarse salt.

Bake at 435 * for 10-15 mins-depending on how you like them. 

YUMMY and FUN!  My girls did all the kneading so it was well worth the effort to make these.  We like to do them on Fridays-perfect for dipping in the soup!

God bless your day,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear young moms out there...

Take the time to really play with your kids.  Show them all the fun games you can create with the smallest amount of items.  Play with them outside.  Teach them how to do an obstacle course.  Have running races all around your yard.  Show them how to play "Spud" and "Capture the Flag".  Show them how to make believe with sticks, grass and leaves.  Let them get dirty.  (It's okay-they can take baths and you can wash their clothes-it's not the end of the world~ I promise you! :P ) 

Pull out their imagination and then sit back and watch it grow. 

Bring out the blankets and have picnics on your front (or back) lawn.  Let them mess up the room with the cushions and pillows and blankets.  Let them create and learn and have tons of fun. 

This type of learning is the best and the most worthwhile, I do believe. 

I know it may seem difficult and you may think you do not have the time.  BUt I challenge you to do it!

Because right now,  I am reaping the benefits.  I am letting this moment sink in.  Right now, my older kids have been truly playing outside and doing all those things I took the time to teach them back when they were only 6 and younger.  They are doing the EXACT same things I taught them but now with the little ones!!!

(I do believe this is one of those moments that those seasoned homeschooling big family mommas out there told me about.  I have been waiting for this!!!  THank You God!)

Oh what JOY my heart feels at this very moment and I give all the glory to God! 

God bless,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Feast of the Annunciation

9 months from now we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! 

Today we celebrate the Annunciation, when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary.

HERE is a repost of this feast day from 2 yrs ago.  I had some good ideas back then that I think I'll do again :)

Happy Feast day!

God bless,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Go see October Baby movie!

This is an awesome movie!!!

October Baby

If you have time and even if you don't, then make time!  And don't forget your tissues!  It is so worth your time, and your $.  Let's support these great movies and tell the world that every life is beautiful~!

Now, Go see it!!!
God bless,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you going?

to see OCTOBER BABY??? (Click on it)

It is opening this weekend!  I am going to try to go tomorrow.  Anyone want to join me?

On this date, March 23rd, as we oppose and rally against the HSS mandate and all that it entails, we can be sure that the fight is on--perfect day for this movie to be released. 

Praise God-King of kings!

God bless,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebrate Motherhood

Do you need support and encouragement as a Catholic mother?
Are you confused and don't know what to do or who to turn to?
Do you have gazillions of questions that need answering?
Do you need inspiration while living in this crazy loud world?
Do you need some encouragement to know you are not alone in your ideals and your desires deep within your heart?

Do you want that support in knowing that your vocation as a mother is a Divine calling?
Do you worry that you are doing the wrong thing or not doing enough of the right thing?
Then, what are you waiting for?
Go CHECK IT OUT---HERE!!!  --MOM HEART---A Celebration of Motherhood

I love this!

God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear little one...

Yesterday was a difficult day.

I cried tears for you, my sweet little one who was once inside me.
I would have been about 6 months along right now.
Instead I am empty.
I wonder if God will bless us again with a sweet baby.
I wait and wonder.
You would have been born in mid-June this summer.  Oh, what a beautiful time of the year to have a baby.  All that fresh air that you would get.  But you never got the chance.
Some people say that you were just a "blob" of tissue or cells.
But we know that you are a perfect creation by God.  You became you at the moment of conception.  There will never be another you.

I wonder what you would have looked like.  Would you have brown hair like biggest sister or light brown/blonde like your other big sister? 

Spiritually, I know you are in Heaven, perfect happiness and contentment.  That gives me peace. 
But my human heart aches and my arms want to cradle you and sing you lullabies and tenderly kiss your sweet skin.

Your big sisters and big brothers all love you, and talk about you every day.  Not a day goes by that we do not ask you to pray for us.
I know that you are at peace, you are perfect in Heaven, waiting and praying for us to get there too.
Don't ever stop praying for us, little one. 
You are so dear to our hearts.
When others ask how many kids we have, I always say "Seven... and one in Heaven".  I will never let anyone tell me that you were not a real baby.

My whole life changed when you were conceived.
Your Daddy and I were so happy and willingly accepted you as a gift straight from God.
Those many weeks of morning sickness were very real.
Those many tired days and weeks were for you.  And I'd do it all over again, for you.
My love is so deep, even if we only got to spend 10 weeks together.
My life not only changed, but was enriched and forever different in the best possible way.

You, little one, had a mission that only lasted a short time.  You have given us focus, once again, on Heaven and why we are here.  This place is not our home.  This is not our destination.  We are journeying to a much better place.  A place where we can be forever united once again. 

I yearn to hold you once again.  You are forever my baby and forever I'll be your Momma.
I love you and I miss you.

God bless you little one,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Favorite pics of St. Joseph on his feast day today

Good Saint Joseph, PRAY FOR US!!!
Pray for my husband and my family!  Help us and pray for us to be holy and get to Heaven!

God bless,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Green pancakes w/real syrup
Mass with my favorite 5 yr old little man
then to the store to buy the corned beef and cabbage
back to make coffee for 2nd time
and organized our library of books we have! (put quite a few in a box to donate)
ate some yummy turkey and ham sandwiches for lunch
got 3 trash bags of trash taken out
got 2 trash bags of things ( to donate
and...about 50+ VHS videos to give to a friend!

Phew!  That was a very productive morning, huh?

Now what?

About to put on our traditional Corned Beef and cabbage dinner and....
Getting ready for family confession!
Of course no big feast day of eating green things and wearing green would ever be complete with out doing a little coloring of our favorite picture of St. Patrick. 
You can find it  HERE.
And afterwards, if we can make it in time,
we might even get over to our local "40 days for Life" campaign and pray :)

Oh, did I mention it is a warm 76* and sunny outside today?  (Hey, you may be a slight jealous but...when you get this nice weather where you are, we'll be toasting in humidity!  So it all evens out, right? :)
It surely is not a typical Saturday where it is so nice outside that the kids haven't come in except for lunch and that leaves hubby and baby and me to try to organize and spring clean out our home.  Thanks be to God that HE is the one allowing this to happen.  Thanks God!

God bless your St. Patty's day,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crown of Thorns centerpiece

It's not too late!

Here are some pics of ours in the making and the result!  Really fun and so practical for the kidos to understand.

Look at all those helping hands!

Almost there....

Easy and Fun!

We had some leftover dough and the kids had a blast playing with it with toothpicks-kept them busy for a huge chunk of time!
Here is the recipe, in case you need it:

(BTW, I made a big one last year and it was TOO big so I cut the recipe in 1/2 this year and it's the perfect size for our table.)

2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
warm water

We also added some crunchy coffee grinds to give it some texture and a darker look.

God bless,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How do we do any activities w/a big family?

This is a certain question that any homeschooling momma of a big family asks herself very often.

I thought it might be helpful if I answered that question as to what we do/do not do.  My way may not be your way.  That is ok!  My way may not be perfect-that is ok!  But our way is our way and it works for now so it is perfect for us! :)

So....activities! haa haaa.  well, not much goes on here but I am finally ok w/that. 

It's easy to see other moms having kids in this or that club and going here/there and we're home.  I used to think that I am not exposing them to a good education if they do not do this/that and go here/there.  But reality is that being home is OK. 

The $ is just not there to do all those things. 
The TIME is just not there to do all those things.  (Babies napping and too stressful for me to get everyone ready to go somewhere). 
Sometimes the influences of certain other kids is not what we want for our kids to be exposed to. 

Right now, my oldest is an altar server and serves every other weekend and we all go to the Mass he serves.  If it something we can do as a whole family, then we try to do it.  If it is just one or some kids, we have to evaluate if it is something we can manage, it is something that is consistent w/our goals as a family to get to Heaven...if it is a good use of time-something of value.  We do not do soccer/or any sports anymore b/c it is just not feasible right now. 

We have the kids in a weekly co-op w/our home school group and that takes up a chunk of time in one morning a week.  We also get together weekly for a PE class-gym class that meets after school hours at a park.  It is somewhat organized and just started back up for the Springtime.  My kids love it and it is good for us b/c we are all out together for an hour or so and then home.  It makes sense and it works right now.  All my kids are in their age group except my Lil' Lady-where I run after her-that is my exercise, my PE!!! haaa haaaaa

With not doing so much, every day I am truly trying my best to turn my heart to my kids-to seek them and their interests.....and helping them get along w/each other.  Seeing the reality and the potential of having their siblings as their best friends instead of seeking out other kids for them to be friends with.

Does this all make sense to you? 

It took me a LONG time to understand and accept this.

It does help that where we live is extremely stressful to just go to a park (I am not kidding)-the traffic and stress is not worth it.  A few weeks ago we went to a park---left it at 4:40pm so that i could get home to get dinner ready.  It usually takes us 20 mins.  We did not get home till 5:20-5:25pm.  See?  It's crazy around here---a city of people squished into a town setting.   

There is not many play dates that take place in our home school group---the clubs/activities are what they use as getting together.  Since we do not do many of those things (not even super organized sports!!!!!) then we are together at home a whole lot. 

I am actively trying to embrace this lifestyle instead of fighting it.  I fought it for so many years-too many.  I have found some peace in doing this along w/lots of prayer and surrender.  If Jesus was home for 30 years w/His Momma, then it can't be too bad!!! 

Hope that helps out! :)

God bless, Mary

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sign of Spring* and pics

*First tick of the season was just found on my 11 yr old boy's shoulder.
Oh wonderful, here we go!

On a lighter are some super cute pics I snapped up last week. 

Here is my duo---my 'double trouble' boys--don't they look so cute?  Of course they do! :)  This is how they entertain themselves while Momma is teaching the bigger kidos at the dinning room table right next to this deck.  They got themselves all 'decked' out (ha ha) as firemen ready to fight the blaze of the play house.

And here is my 6 yr old sweetie girl doing what sweet girls do...dolls and doll houses are the best! 

So, do you notice how high up these doll houses are, up on top of our train table?  Haa!  Our Lil' Lady is getting into everything! And of this writing, since this pic was taken last week, we have moved that table downstairs b/c our Lil' Lady has showed us how much of a climbing monkey she is!

Amazing that within a week, she can go from cute and slow crawling baby INTO a cute and fast running baby and wants to do everything her big siblings are doing!!!

Gotta go!
God bless,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

If I were President...

(written as his English assignment by my 11 yr old son-I could not figure out how to download it so I typed it out...too good not to share, and yes, we are working on his grammar, so go ahead and read it anyway :)

If I was elected President of our country....I would make our country Pro-life like the Decloration of Independcedce said "All men our created equal!"  Not a 50 million, not 70 million, but All men are created Equal!  What good does abortion do?  NOTHING.  The Baby could change the Town, the State, Maybe even the Country!  It's KILLING People!  If Only people would listen!  This is not a free nation!  Abortion wastes money and someone's life!  I hope this Country becomes Free, but untill then, Pray and Hope!

God bless,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

With God...


We love them.  These are the days that Daddy is home, there is limited school work to be done and ample time for play and fun-work around the house.

Yes, I said work. 

My hubby is amazing...have I mentioned that before?  I am so in awe of the man he is and wants to become and how he truly works hard at it every single day to be the man God created him to be.  He has been so inspired by God to do real 'man work' as in saw and wood and carpentry and building projects, not only to get things done around the house, and to build things to save us money.  More importantly, he is doing this not just by himself....but with his sons at his side.  He is determined to learn and to teach his boys along side him.  Awesome!  He was not taught this as a young boy/man, even though his Dad is a great dad.  This is one area that he wished he knew more of.  The determined person that he is, he has decided to teach himself and his sons as well. 

But its not even the learning that is the impetus of all this hard work.  It is spending time together with his sons that is driving him to do it.  What a man!!!

What a joy it is to see what these men have made.  These are no easy peasy projects!

2 benches for our dining room table
Bookshelf for me :)
Bookshelf for our school books only
Bookshelf for daughter #2 who is an avid reader
step stool
and now onto finishing a doll house

"With God, all things are possible"  --Matthew 18:26

God bless your night,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quote of the Day

"The degree of our prefection depends on the union of our will to the will of God."
---St. Maximilian Kolbe

God bless,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Signs of SPRING!!!

Family Hikes

***Photo credits of all closeups to my 9 yr old daughter!!!  Didn't she do great?! :)

Spring, we're so happy you're here!

God bless your day,