Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sign of Spring* and pics

*First tick of the season was just found on my 11 yr old boy's shoulder.
Oh wonderful, here we go!

On a lighter are some super cute pics I snapped up last week. 

Here is my duo---my 'double trouble' boys--don't they look so cute?  Of course they do! :)  This is how they entertain themselves while Momma is teaching the bigger kidos at the dinning room table right next to this deck.  They got themselves all 'decked' out (ha ha) as firemen ready to fight the blaze of the play house.

And here is my 6 yr old sweetie girl doing what sweet girls do...dolls and doll houses are the best! 

So, do you notice how high up these doll houses are, up on top of our train table?  Haa!  Our Lil' Lady is getting into everything! And of this writing, since this pic was taken last week, we have moved that table downstairs b/c our Lil' Lady has showed us how much of a climbing monkey she is!

Amazing that within a week, she can go from cute and slow crawling baby INTO a cute and fast running baby and wants to do everything her big siblings are doing!!!

Gotta go!
God bless,

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