Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear young moms out there...

Take the time to really play with your kids.  Show them all the fun games you can create with the smallest amount of items.  Play with them outside.  Teach them how to do an obstacle course.  Have running races all around your yard.  Show them how to play "Spud" and "Capture the Flag".  Show them how to make believe with sticks, grass and leaves.  Let them get dirty.  (It's okay-they can take baths and you can wash their clothes-it's not the end of the world~ I promise you! :P ) 

Pull out their imagination and then sit back and watch it grow. 

Bring out the blankets and have picnics on your front (or back) lawn.  Let them mess up the room with the cushions and pillows and blankets.  Let them create and learn and have tons of fun. 

This type of learning is the best and the most worthwhile, I do believe. 

I know it may seem difficult and you may think you do not have the time.  BUt I challenge you to do it!

Because right now,  I am reaping the benefits.  I am letting this moment sink in.  Right now, my older kids have been truly playing outside and doing all those things I took the time to teach them back when they were only 6 and younger.  They are doing the EXACT same things I taught them but now with the little ones!!!

(I do believe this is one of those moments that those seasoned homeschooling big family mommas out there told me about.  I have been waiting for this!!!  THank You God!)

Oh what JOY my heart feels at this very moment and I give all the glory to God! 

God bless,

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