Thursday, March 15, 2012

How do we do any activities w/a big family?

This is a certain question that any homeschooling momma of a big family asks herself very often.

I thought it might be helpful if I answered that question as to what we do/do not do.  My way may not be your way.  That is ok!  My way may not be perfect-that is ok!  But our way is our way and it works for now so it is perfect for us! :)

So....activities! haa haaa.  well, not much goes on here but I am finally ok w/that. 

It's easy to see other moms having kids in this or that club and going here/there and we're home.  I used to think that I am not exposing them to a good education if they do not do this/that and go here/there.  But reality is that being home is OK. 

The $ is just not there to do all those things. 
The TIME is just not there to do all those things.  (Babies napping and too stressful for me to get everyone ready to go somewhere). 
Sometimes the influences of certain other kids is not what we want for our kids to be exposed to. 

Right now, my oldest is an altar server and serves every other weekend and we all go to the Mass he serves.  If it something we can do as a whole family, then we try to do it.  If it is just one or some kids, we have to evaluate if it is something we can manage, it is something that is consistent w/our goals as a family to get to Heaven...if it is a good use of time-something of value.  We do not do soccer/or any sports anymore b/c it is just not feasible right now. 

We have the kids in a weekly co-op w/our home school group and that takes up a chunk of time in one morning a week.  We also get together weekly for a PE class-gym class that meets after school hours at a park.  It is somewhat organized and just started back up for the Springtime.  My kids love it and it is good for us b/c we are all out together for an hour or so and then home.  It makes sense and it works right now.  All my kids are in their age group except my Lil' Lady-where I run after her-that is my exercise, my PE!!! haaa haaaaa

With not doing so much, every day I am truly trying my best to turn my heart to my kids-to seek them and their interests.....and helping them get along w/each other.  Seeing the reality and the potential of having their siblings as their best friends instead of seeking out other kids for them to be friends with.

Does this all make sense to you? 

It took me a LONG time to understand and accept this.

It does help that where we live is extremely stressful to just go to a park (I am not kidding)-the traffic and stress is not worth it.  A few weeks ago we went to a park---left it at 4:40pm so that i could get home to get dinner ready.  It usually takes us 20 mins.  We did not get home till 5:20-5:25pm.  See?  It's crazy around here---a city of people squished into a town setting.   

There is not many play dates that take place in our home school group---the clubs/activities are what they use as getting together.  Since we do not do many of those things (not even super organized sports!!!!!) then we are together at home a whole lot. 

I am actively trying to embrace this lifestyle instead of fighting it.  I fought it for so many years-too many.  I have found some peace in doing this along w/lots of prayer and surrender.  If Jesus was home for 30 years w/His Momma, then it can't be too bad!!! 

Hope that helps out! :)

God bless, Mary


Tina Marie said...

Our family sounds a lot like yours. We don't have a second vehicle, so we don't do many extra activities at all. I too, fought it and tried to make things work, but to no avail. The stress just wasn't worth it in my opinion.

We do swimming lessons from time to time, but I try to get most of the kids in one class or do two classes simultaneously. I really don't know how some people do it. I miss going to Children's Holy Hour, though. We live too far from a church to walk and don't have the car.

We have two swings in the backyard (thanks to the previous owner's swingset) and have an alley where the kids can ride bikes. We have a little sandbox, too and because it is covered, the kids can play in it almost year round.

You are not alone. It helps to know that sometimes. We have to do what we have to do and not always look to the Jone's and do what they do. Your children look like they are having a great childhood. Little kids need to play and do less organized activities in my opinions. If it is stressful for us, imagine how stressful it is for them.

God Bless.

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks Tina Marie for backing me up! :) I totally agree w/you on all accounts. There is a great sense of peace about it when the acceptance and surrender comes. Of course, now and then I still wonder if I can fit something else in! haahaa
Have a great day!
God bless,
Mary @Cheerios