Friday, March 30, 2012

The SOUP is on!

So, Ma...What's for dinner?

Here's our menu for tonight:

Since it's Lent-the last Friday before Good Friday-can you believe that?--we are having soup again!  My kids are not big fans of soup but don't mind it esp. if there are the yummy pretzels we make so they can dip them into it.  That recipe is following the soup one down below.

Lentil-Veggie Soup

1 cup dry lentils (I used red lentils)
1 cup carrots (2 medium)
1 cup chopped celery (2 stalks)
1 chopped onions
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf
2 14 ounce cans veggie broth (or Chicken if not Lent or want to go vegetarian)=3 1/2 cups but I used  4 cups
1 1/2 cups water (I used 3 cups)
1 14.5 ounce (I used 24 ounce can)
parsley (they call for fresh snipped but I used dried)

Put all in CROCK POT on high for 5-6 hours.

Love Crock Pot recipes!!! (well, most of them....those meats all end up tasting the same to me but still easier to just put it on and let it cook w/out worrying about it! :)



1 tbsp sugar
1 pkg of yeast or 2 1/4 tsp
1 1/2 warm water
 1 tsp salt
4 cups flour
1 egg white for topping and to make the salt stick
coarse salt for topping the pretzels

Add  sugar to water and mix, sprinkle in yeast and stir until it dissolves. Add salt and blend in flour and KNEAD until smooth.

Place in PAM sprayed bowl and let sit till it DOUBLES in size.

Roll pieces of dough into long thin ropes and twist into pretzels.  Place in greased cookie sheet and brushw/the beated egg white and sprinkle w/coarse salt.

Bake at 435 * for 10-15 mins-depending on how you like them. 

YUMMY and FUN!  My girls did all the kneading so it was well worth the effort to make these.  We like to do them on Fridays-perfect for dipping in the soup!

God bless your day,

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