Sunday, March 4, 2012

With God...


We love them.  These are the days that Daddy is home, there is limited school work to be done and ample time for play and fun-work around the house.

Yes, I said work. 

My hubby is amazing...have I mentioned that before?  I am so in awe of the man he is and wants to become and how he truly works hard at it every single day to be the man God created him to be.  He has been so inspired by God to do real 'man work' as in saw and wood and carpentry and building projects, not only to get things done around the house, and to build things to save us money.  More importantly, he is doing this not just by himself....but with his sons at his side.  He is determined to learn and to teach his boys along side him.  Awesome!  He was not taught this as a young boy/man, even though his Dad is a great dad.  This is one area that he wished he knew more of.  The determined person that he is, he has decided to teach himself and his sons as well. 

But its not even the learning that is the impetus of all this hard work.  It is spending time together with his sons that is driving him to do it.  What a man!!!

What a joy it is to see what these men have made.  These are no easy peasy projects!

2 benches for our dining room table
Bookshelf for me :)
Bookshelf for our school books only
Bookshelf for daughter #2 who is an avid reader
step stool
and now onto finishing a doll house

"With God, all things are possible"  --Matthew 18:26

God bless your night,

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