Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few things I learned this past week.

1.  Our family is not made to do school, as in driving to and from school every. single.  day.  My 4 kids attended a camp this past week.  Not a typical kind of camp you might be thinking (ha ha) but a homeschool camp where they learn now to write! haa haaa.  I'm such a nerd, huh??? They liked it a lot~!  THis was their 2nd year going to it and I didn't shove them into the rooms-they willingly wanted that shows you that they HAD to like it! :P   Well, the kids were in separate groups that met a different times, which made the Mommy Taxi drive 3 different times to this place.  In.  One.  Day.  Ouch.  Naps were messed up, laundry and vaccuming didn't get done, and dishes and pots crowded my sink and kitchen counter tops.  It was a mess.  I was a total mess.  Interesting that their sleeping habits were disturbed too.  Very odd.  I know it was not a random thing.  I cannot imagine having to do this every day of every week of every month of every year.  Wow, kudos go to the mommas that can do this or can do this.  For me, homeschooling is our primary method of life.  Period.

2.  Playing a Saint Memory Game is very fun for kidos.  Keeps them entertained for a while!  I guess you can make your own and it would be easy to do.  But that means time and I don't have much of that right now.
3.  Ok, so we have some big news.  When DON'T we have news?!?!  So, you know about our baby so it can't be that and no, we are not having twins. (ha!).  The big news is that we are moving.  I have eluded to that point a while ago in some post that I am too lazy to  look up right now.  I may have even mentioned it a few times.  Well, it is official.  We are moving as in moving to a new state!!!! Boy, the most stressful things are having babies, moving and it seems we are doing both!  My hubby and I laugh so much at how sometimes we just invite this chaos-it seems it's been there our whole marriage-babies and moving every 2ish years.  This is just ridiculous.  So, we have decided this move if final, albeit God willing.  We are moving and going to settle there, giving the most needed stability to our family.  It is going to be soon and life is a bit uneasy right now with one contract with a house that we really liked and knew it was JUST what we needed, but the day we had our inspection and my hubby was down there-a very questionable future next door neighbor approached my hubby and real estate agent.  It was too creepy to ignore and after lots of talking, prayer and advice from our wonderful agent, we pulled out.  Again, a trial.  Again, a time to trust God's providence.  He knows what is best and we count this as a blessing that we found out now rather than later.  It was a blessing, even though big chunks of money was lost.  God will provide. 

4. Prayer. 
Doesn't God have a way to bring us to our knees?  Why, yes He does!!!  Lots of prayer and prayer in our family lately.  Again, a blessing.

5.  Lastly, Alpacas are super cool animals.  Check out this pic:

This sunshine girl got to give 33 alpacas a bath, feed them, and even take this one for a walk!!!  It was our long awaited special day out together (and it just so happens to be close to her 7th bday too!!! :)

God bless your day,
Mary @ Cheerios

Monday, August 20, 2012

Date nights

Do you have them with your spouse? 

I'm talking the marriage date nights, not the single/dating kind of date nights :)
Oh boy, are we in need of them...big time!!!

It is a mix of reasons why....mostly money and finding the right babysitter that can sit for our bunch of kidos and what can work for both of us.

But, really...if it is not focus on it, it will probably not happen.

If we only wait for the perfect timing, it may not happen.

I know of a couple that picked a night long time ago, early on in their marriage, and really focused on that night as their date night dinner night together at home.  They would watch a movie or play a game or even have a bottle of wine together.  It was scheduled and that was that.  The kids knew it and they knew it and it happened.  They gave the kids some lame dinner but something that the kids loved, they were all happy!  But, that time was the time blocked out for the couple and nothing came in the way.

Woohoo!   What a great idea!!!

A few years ago---maybe just 3 or 4 years ago, that we made it a point to do something and go out as a couple almost weekly that turned into biweekly.  It was wonderful!   But now... it is just awful.  We really want to put our marriage first and go out but instead, we have fallen into the craziness of putting the kids first too many times.  Since we do not have a built in babysitter b/c our oldest is not quite ready and old enough yet, it costs some serious $!  Some months are okay and we can do it, but some are just a tough time and so we need to hold off of the date night.  It's been a long time since we went out and we are soooo due that date night!   We try to get the kids down to bed early enough every night and if we are blessed to actually be awake, then we do try to talk and focus on each other.  That, in its self, as easy as it is, has been a true blessing.  We have had some great talking.  We also have woken up early to talk and pray together.  Again, a blessing.

As a couple, we need to remember that we are unified in this beautiful marriage sacrament and a team so that our children can see and depend on us.

So, right now, we are in the midst of realizing we are in desperate need of serious out date nights and trying to make it happen.

What about you?  Are you lucky enough to get out and about with your hubby for date nights?  How do you do it?   Please tell me and anyone else who may actually read my blog !(haaa haaa)

God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Art

Drawn by my 11 yr old artist.

Isn't it great?  I sure think so!!!

God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homeschooling summer blahs

I don't know about you but I am SO not ready to enter into school planning, thinking and doing.

Going to the home school convention back in June was enriching and very useful and helpful to set the tone.  But the reality is that I bought 70% of my curriculum at that convention and I am still at a loss for some very important items.  I am not interested in buying them either anytime soon!!!

Folks, summer is still in high swing at our home!!!!  It is still hot and humid and oh so very very summer-like.

It's only August 14th (which, BTW, don't forget a holy day tomorrow!!!! so go to Mass!) and the pool is still open for us.   We JUST joined only a short time ago and we are trying to utilize it the max!  It's great b/c there is hardly anyone there b/c they are probably just so sick of it! haaaa!  Good for us! :)

Of course my kidos could use some structure in their day.  But, isn't it a wonderful way of learning what to do with boredom?  SO healthy if you ask me.  I remember tons of times growing up moping about wondering what to do with my time....all the while being careful not to let my mom see or she'd be quick to set me to work! Those were my most imaginative and creative times. 

I have seen pics and read of this out pour of homeschooling families beginning school already.  Of course it's their choice and they have that freedom to do so.   I have a friend who starts early and end ends in early May.  Good idea!  But not me.  At least not this year.  I did try to start about 2 weeks ago but my heart was not in it.  I couldn't ask my kids to be on top of things and excited if I was too much in the lazy summer mode.  So, we packed the boxes right back up.  We were all so happy about that.  But, I have to admit that seeing and reading of those families gives me a bit of nervousness and anxiety.  Again, I guess I am not there yet. 

Well, hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer bliss and giving thanks to God for all the gifts in your life!!!
God bless, Mary @ Cheerios

Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Takes-August 2012

Just noticed that the previous post was my 1000th post! wow, how'd that happen?!  Do I really have that much to say? haaaa

We had a bit of tick explosion in our backyard in May and June.  Needless to say, we opted for the children not to go back into the woods anytime soon.  Yes, it was that gross.  Nasty.  A friend of mine told me to freeze the little stinkers in a baggie and write the name/date/location of the tick found so that if there were any reactions, they could test the stinker and find out if Lyme's disease or whatever.  All those ticks on my kids and then finding out a dear friend was stricken with a terrible case of Lyme's along with some bacterial infection due to a tick made me shy away from kids outside.  Finally, as in just a few days ago, I have let loose with them in hopes of a good outcome with no ticks and thanks be to God, we have been tick free so far.  We sure had some time in our house these past few months.

Which leads me to the POOL!  Yahoo!  We have joined our pool, finally.  I do have some reservations about it and the modesty there.   Or rather the lack there of.  Even my kids comment on it.  I am not just talking about the girls/women.  It is also the lifeguards.  Since when is it appropriate for them to wear bikini's?!?!! I mean, c'mon!  I do not think those things would be staying on if someone was to drown.  Life is way more important to save rather than a bikini top or bottom.  Gee wilikers, lifeguards!  We try to go off hours, like when it JUST opens up.  And so far, so good.  But, its too bad that a pool has to be that way.  Bummer.

 My girls are all about dolls.  Still.   And I absolutely love it.  They are learning the best possible home ec class ever hovering over dolls and baby dolls all day.  My heart is very pleased.

Talking about babies...I am 3 and 1/2 months now!  All looks and SOUNDS good!!!  Praise be to God.  What a gift.  Truly a gift.

Also, about babies....remember my dear friend I asked you to pray about?  Sam?  Well, her sweet baby Steven Thomas went to be with Jesus.  See HERE and HERE.

Wasn't that the most sweetest and yet heart wrenching story.  She is a strong woman upheld by Her God, her strength.

We went on vacation a few weeks ago.  It was amazing and exhausting all at the same time.  We were blessed with such great spiritual direction preparing us for what is to come.

Must go children need their Momma!

God bless you,