Monday, August 20, 2012

Date nights

Do you have them with your spouse? 

I'm talking the marriage date nights, not the single/dating kind of date nights :)
Oh boy, are we in need of them...big time!!!

It is a mix of reasons why....mostly money and finding the right babysitter that can sit for our bunch of kidos and what can work for both of us.

But, really...if it is not focus on it, it will probably not happen.

If we only wait for the perfect timing, it may not happen.

I know of a couple that picked a night long time ago, early on in their marriage, and really focused on that night as their date night dinner night together at home.  They would watch a movie or play a game or even have a bottle of wine together.  It was scheduled and that was that.  The kids knew it and they knew it and it happened.  They gave the kids some lame dinner but something that the kids loved, they were all happy!  But, that time was the time blocked out for the couple and nothing came in the way.

Woohoo!   What a great idea!!!

A few years ago---maybe just 3 or 4 years ago, that we made it a point to do something and go out as a couple almost weekly that turned into biweekly.  It was wonderful!   But now... it is just awful.  We really want to put our marriage first and go out but instead, we have fallen into the craziness of putting the kids first too many times.  Since we do not have a built in babysitter b/c our oldest is not quite ready and old enough yet, it costs some serious $!  Some months are okay and we can do it, but some are just a tough time and so we need to hold off of the date night.  It's been a long time since we went out and we are soooo due that date night!   We try to get the kids down to bed early enough every night and if we are blessed to actually be awake, then we do try to talk and focus on each other.  That, in its self, as easy as it is, has been a true blessing.  We have had some great talking.  We also have woken up early to talk and pray together.  Again, a blessing.

As a couple, we need to remember that we are unified in this beautiful marriage sacrament and a team so that our children can see and depend on us.

So, right now, we are in the midst of realizing we are in desperate need of serious out date nights and trying to make it happen.

What about you?  Are you lucky enough to get out and about with your hubby for date nights?  How do you do it?   Please tell me and anyone else who may actually read my blog !(haaa haaa)

God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

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