Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Takes-August 2012

Just noticed that the previous post was my 1000th post! wow, how'd that happen?!  Do I really have that much to say? haaaa

We had a bit of tick explosion in our backyard in May and June.  Needless to say, we opted for the children not to go back into the woods anytime soon.  Yes, it was that gross.  Nasty.  A friend of mine told me to freeze the little stinkers in a baggie and write the name/date/location of the tick found so that if there were any reactions, they could test the stinker and find out if Lyme's disease or whatever.  All those ticks on my kids and then finding out a dear friend was stricken with a terrible case of Lyme's along with some bacterial infection due to a tick made me shy away from kids outside.  Finally, as in just a few days ago, I have let loose with them in hopes of a good outcome with no ticks and thanks be to God, we have been tick free so far.  We sure had some time in our house these past few months.

Which leads me to the POOL!  Yahoo!  We have joined our pool, finally.  I do have some reservations about it and the modesty there.   Or rather the lack there of.  Even my kids comment on it.  I am not just talking about the girls/women.  It is also the lifeguards.  Since when is it appropriate for them to wear bikini's?!?!! I mean, c'mon!  I do not think those things would be staying on if someone was to drown.  Life is way more important to save rather than a bikini top or bottom.  Gee wilikers, lifeguards!  We try to go off hours, like when it JUST opens up.  And so far, so good.  But, its too bad that a pool has to be that way.  Bummer.

 My girls are all about dolls.  Still.   And I absolutely love it.  They are learning the best possible home ec class ever hovering over dolls and baby dolls all day.  My heart is very pleased.

Talking about babies...I am 3 and 1/2 months now!  All looks and SOUNDS good!!!  Praise be to God.  What a gift.  Truly a gift.

Also, about babies....remember my dear friend I asked you to pray about?  Sam?  Well, her sweet baby Steven Thomas went to be with Jesus.  See HERE and HERE.

Wasn't that the most sweetest and yet heart wrenching story.  She is a strong woman upheld by Her God, her strength.

We went on vacation a few weeks ago.  It was amazing and exhausting all at the same time.  We were blessed with such great spiritual direction preparing us for what is to come.

Must go children need their Momma!

God bless you,

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