Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few things I learned this past week.

1.  Our family is not made to do school, as in driving to and from school every. single.  day.  My 4 kids attended a camp this past week.  Not a typical kind of camp you might be thinking (ha ha) but a homeschool camp where they learn now to write! haa haaa.  I'm such a nerd, huh??? They liked it a lot~!  THis was their 2nd year going to it and I didn't shove them into the rooms-they willingly wanted that shows you that they HAD to like it! :P   Well, the kids were in separate groups that met a different times, which made the Mommy Taxi drive 3 different times to this place.  In.  One.  Day.  Ouch.  Naps were messed up, laundry and vaccuming didn't get done, and dishes and pots crowded my sink and kitchen counter tops.  It was a mess.  I was a total mess.  Interesting that their sleeping habits were disturbed too.  Very odd.  I know it was not a random thing.  I cannot imagine having to do this every day of every week of every month of every year.  Wow, kudos go to the mommas that can do this or can do this.  For me, homeschooling is our primary method of life.  Period.

2.  Playing a Saint Memory Game is very fun for kidos.  Keeps them entertained for a while!  I guess you can make your own and it would be easy to do.  But that means time and I don't have much of that right now.
3.  Ok, so we have some big news.  When DON'T we have news?!?!  So, you know about our baby so it can't be that and no, we are not having twins. (ha!).  The big news is that we are moving.  I have eluded to that point a while ago in some post that I am too lazy to  look up right now.  I may have even mentioned it a few times.  Well, it is official.  We are moving as in moving to a new state!!!! Boy, the most stressful things are having babies, moving and it seems we are doing both!  My hubby and I laugh so much at how sometimes we just invite this chaos-it seems it's been there our whole marriage-babies and moving every 2ish years.  This is just ridiculous.  So, we have decided this move if final, albeit God willing.  We are moving and going to settle there, giving the most needed stability to our family.  It is going to be soon and life is a bit uneasy right now with one contract with a house that we really liked and knew it was JUST what we needed, but the day we had our inspection and my hubby was down there-a very questionable future next door neighbor approached my hubby and real estate agent.  It was too creepy to ignore and after lots of talking, prayer and advice from our wonderful agent, we pulled out.  Again, a trial.  Again, a time to trust God's providence.  He knows what is best and we count this as a blessing that we found out now rather than later.  It was a blessing, even though big chunks of money was lost.  God will provide. 

4. Prayer. 
Doesn't God have a way to bring us to our knees?  Why, yes He does!!!  Lots of prayer and prayer in our family lately.  Again, a blessing.

5.  Lastly, Alpacas are super cool animals.  Check out this pic:

This sunshine girl got to give 33 alpacas a bath, feed them, and even take this one for a walk!!!  It was our long awaited special day out together (and it just so happens to be close to her 7th bday too!!! :)

God bless your day,
Mary @ Cheerios

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