Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Year 2012-2013

WOW, even writing those years are a shock to my system.  I remember Y2K like it was yesterday and here we are in year 2012...onto 2013.

That means this is my 8th year of homeschooling!

Uh, how did I do that???

Seriously!   Lots of praying and lots of leaning on my husband.  It does make a big difference when Daddy is behind or beside the Momma teacher.  It may even make it or break it, for most families.  I am so thankful and privileged to have him beside me, inspiring me and cheering me on.  My hearts truly go out to moms who do not have understanding husbands.  I feel for them, so much, as I see their struggles.  Let's not forget to pray for these Moms.

This year....
One 6th grader-WOA!  A middle schooler!!!!
Two- 3rd graders
One- 2nd grader
One- Kindergartner
One- Toddler
One - Baby due in February

I still have to get that famous 1st day of school picture done today!!!

Considering that ALL my boys are in the wet woods playing before lunch, this should be some sloppy photo shoot!!! haaaa

This year is going to be so NOT dull.  But, then again, what year is NOT dull around here?!??!!

We had one under contract---that fell through.

then we had high hopes on another house but they could not come down in price---that fell through.

Now, we are on to our (hopefully!) last house that really is the BEST one yet!!!  Please pray that all goes well and that we can be done with this process.

Then, if it goes well...ONLY THEN I will tell you all about our upcoming home!!! God willing, of course.

Best go now.  Boys are rolling in for lunch and I have to get them cleaned up!

God bless your year,
Mary @ Cheerios

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Maurisa said...

Have a blessed school year! It sounds like it will be a busy one!