Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello fall!

I love the changing of seasons....esp. Fall.  Those chilly mornings turn beautifully warm and sunny.  Perfect for outdoors and breathing in all the fresh air possible.  that means for great sleeping, great eating and great exercise!

Here's a pic of my kids last week that loved the first cold morning of the season...seems we are doing this annually!  Becoming quite the tradition.

This also means I have to stock up on hot cocoa!  I have gotten some my kidos to like hot tea but most still request hot cocoa and since I have kept saying its not cold enough...well, now it is!!! :)  Better go out and buy some!

I just found this one from 2 yrs ago.... I know that I took one last year but can't find it!  I love how little my (gasp!) almost 4 yr old looks in this one!  So cute---as cute as my lil Lady looks in the one above!!! 

Kids are teasing, running around and going nuts while I'm on the computer (I know...surprise surprise! haaa)

God bless,

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