Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Schooling w/out toddlers


My job is ridiculously tough.  People have always told me so.  "How do you do it, Mary???" they ask, and they demand me to have a superb answer for them as though I am some superwoman or something.  To which, mind you, I don't always have a convincing reason of how I do it.  Reason is b/c sometimes (ahem...most of the time) I do not have any clue on how I do it.

Yesterday, my hubby took my 2 'double trouble' kids (boys age 3 and 5) to the stores with him.  My baby was having her morning nap and so they were out for about an hour.  It was only an hour.  ONLY AN HOUR???? Are you kidding me?  Do you know how much I got done in an HOUR without toddlers around????  Maybe not so much items checked off assignment lists but there were non distracted children in my presence!!!  It was awesome!!! I was actually SCHOOLING THEM pretty well!!!

Now, today....my hubby took 3 of them to foodshopping and errands.  Again! 

I am liking this WAY TOO much!!! 

Now, I really do wonder HOW ON EARTH I can homeschool 4 kids come tomorrow with my toddlers back in my morning school teaching life?

I have no idea how I do it.

I have no idea how I do it.

Did I mention that I have no idea?

Yeah.  I guess I will find out once again, whether I like it or not.

God, help me.

God bless your day!!!
Mary @ Cheerios

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Maurisa said...

I'm having toddler problems today, too. Hubby saw my tears and took the trouble maker to the park. Ahhhhh!