Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homeschooling thus far

So, this year I made a bit of a change by dedicating a whole day to doing electives.  These are, by far, more enjoyed by my kidos AND ME, than doing 'regular' schoolwork.  Since I have put them on the back burner the last few years, these just weren't getting enough attention.
Hey, a teacher has to enjoy herself teaching too!!!

So, I renamed Wednesdays as "Yahoo Wednesdays"--my children get a hoot out of it, thinking it is NOT REALLY SCHOOL.  HA!!! Love this learning style.  Just my speed.

So, we've been studying the earth and rocks/minerals for science so far and LOVING it.  We are truly learning it while we read about it by hands on learning.

So where else to learn about rocks but by scavenging the beach for them?

We went to to the beach last week (well, its really a lake but they call it a beach.)

Here are some pics.  They had a blast!  TOTAL BLAST!

Why oh why, did I not pack at least towels-of course my kids would not get THAT wet.  HA!!!

Today, we have been enjoying learning about the rocks even more by doing streak tests for them and finding out what minerals they have hidden.

As for the little boys that I dedicate on these Yahoo Wednesdays to teach more in depth...we are on the letter C of the alphabet.  That means baking COOKIES for the letter C today :)  Chocolate Chip Cookies, of course.

This pregnancy, I think I'll be gaining ALOT of poundage!!! yikes.

God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

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