Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rocks and Minerals pics

This is a SUPER find at the thrift store for me, last year.  It is "More Fun with Nature" take along guide.  I got it for ONLY $1.40! yeah! 

But at only $12.37 and I find that an awesome price.  It is chock full of great info and my kids absolutely love it.  So, keep that in mind for Christmas gifts! :)  The other book, the first one, "Fun with Nature" is also a great one and I also find it at the thrift for the same low price of $1.40.  We have used them weekly and for all ages. 

Remember using egg cartons to hold your rocks when you were younger?  Yeah, me too.  So, I passed along the tradition.  Just imagine that we use 4 dozen eggs a week in our household and just imagine all them filled up with diff. rocks!  Yup, each kido I think has a few.  I guess one can never have too many rocks or too many egg cartons...

Rock Happy! :)
God bless your night,
Mary @CHeerios

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