Thursday, December 30, 2010

True or False?

Seems like most evenings around here consist of False Labor! 

Every evening, what goes on through my head is who can help us out, is my hubby ready to jot down the times to see how far apart these contractions are.  Are these the real deal or not?  Who is around to help watch the kids or do we all go to the hospital together so hubby can drop me off?  Should I call someone to see if they are around just in case?  Should I go to sleep to sleep it off or not?  Then I'd really know...

For the first time ever, we hired a doula to help us out...what a relief to know that I have someone that will be with me through labor and delivery just in case hubby cannot be there with me. 

As of Monday's check up, I am 2-3 cm and still 50%. 

The docs say that I can last at this amount for a while (since it is my 7th baby) OR I can go real quickly.  I am hoping to go quickly but who knows!?  Only God and His perfect timing.  He knows what is best.

I am going to *try* to go natural-at least for as long as I can.  My doula has given me some great ideas and hints that even I have not yet heard of!  I do not want to have any complications after having the baby, which is my biggest reason for opting to try to go natural.  I am no super mom and it scares me incredibly to go natural.  I have gone natural ONE time before; also had 2 c-sections w/babies #2 and #6; with 3 VBACS in between.  Let's just say that I have had my fair share of all birthing stories. 

And each baby is very different, each pregnancy was different, each labor and delivery was very different. 

Going natural is surely not something that I am choosing with excitement but I know it is best for both the baby and I.  (I can not go into much detail about it).

If you can say a little prayer for me for God to give me strength, courage and fortitude to go all the way natural, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

I hope to have some posts soon about when I go into real labor and of course, the baby!

God bless,

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