Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby, you're a Win-Win for us!

The homemade chicken-cheese pizza is baking and our home smells oh-so-deliciouso! 

Hubby is working a bit late, kids are all occupied (for the time being!) and so now I have a few mins to post here I am!

I am 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant right now! 
The baby is constanting kicking to find room in my big jelly belly. 
The baby is full of hiccups and kicks and punches and all those movements we somehow wish to stop but then we love them at the same time. 
The baby is head down and ready.
The baby is making my legs swell by 5pm.
The baby is causing some big Braxton Hicks contractions in which I stop to think "Woa, maybe?" and then they stop.

This baby.
This sweet baby I cannot wait to hold in my arms and nurse and cuddle with.
(The labor and delivery I can do without, thank you.)

Here I am in the last part of this pregnancy and when I actually stop to think about it, those long 9 months, I am in awe that God has blessed us with another baby. 

I am curious to the BIG QUESTION-a BOY or a GIRL??? 

For the record, all of my kids either think it will be a girl or are wanting a little baby sister.  The boys, in the beginning, stuck with their own and wished for a boy but as time elapsed, they too figured a girl would be delightful.  (Truth be told, shh.....I too was hoping for a girl....) With 2 boys in a row with the last 2 babies, who wouldn't start thinking pink again? 

But then, about 2 weeks ago, a great calm came across my heart, mind, and soul.  I prayed and consecrated (in my own words) this new little blessing to our Blessed Mother Mary.  I asked her to help this child imitate her in her kindness, gentleness, generosity, calmness, obedience and all things that make our Blessed Mother Mary so wonderful, so "Blessed among women".  After hoping and wanting a little more pink in our household for a while, after that prayer time, I am at ease to whether this baby is a boy or a girl.  No more wishing and hoping just for pink.  I can go either way-pink or blue!  :)  I am trusting that Mary will cover this baby in her sweet mantle and make this child like her.

In this way, I cannot possibly be disappointed, huh?!  :) 

I think this is a win-win, wouldn't you say? :)

Here is a song that our family really likes and sings along to.  I think it is fitting to post it on this post:

Mary, this baby is yours.  Mary, I trust you. 
My Jesus, I love you.
My Jesus, this baby is All Yours.  May this baby grow ever closer to You all the days of his or her life. 
God bless,

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