Friday, December 3, 2010

fyi post

Have you ever been just so very very tired?

I mean, the tiredness of many many countless sleepless nights?

If so, then you know how I am feeling.
If not, then count this as a blessing!

My current out of womb 'baby' decided, oh about 2 months ago (yes, that long ago!), that he prefers to see and hold his mommy and daddy all night long.  If this request is not obliged, then he will let not just this house know but maybe this whole cul-de-sac know! 

Houses this close together should not have 2 year olds in them, at night that is.  It simply does not create a good neighborly friendship.  (Do you know what I mean?!?!)

Ouch.  It is really that bad.

I have not relinquished this info on my blog b/c I think it's pretty depressing, wouldn't you say? 
I don't want to disappoint my small number of readers with non-uplifting news on my family life and life in general.

But nonetheless, this is my real life. 
The reality of it. 
So there you have it.

So, it is on mornings and days like this that I wonder how I will make it through.  This momma does not have a 'sick day' to call on.   This momma does not have a bed that is open and ready for me to climb back into.  (Well, I do have one but I think you can agree that is not an option, eh?!?!)   

This momma needs lots of grace and patience and teh best idea extra hand to help out.  If only that extra hand was not 300+ miles away.  It stinks being new in town without anyone to depend on and understand my needs.  It stinks that I feel alone in this.  It stinks that my kids have to see me in an unpleasant state and that I know how to help this out but cannot do anything about it. 

But nonetheless, this is my real life. 
The reality of it. 
And it is not always peaches and cream as I may create it to be on my blog. 

Just an fyi post, that's all. 

Thanks for any prayer you can say today.  It's been a long 2 months and I need some rest before our newest baby arrives in 6 weeks!  Thanks.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the reality of your life.. i'm praying for you.. hang in there=)

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks Kir!
I miss you so much!!!
:) Hope all is well w/you and your hubby!!!
Let's chat's been way too long.