Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Give me a break

Ok, where do I start?

I feel like all I do lately is rant on this blog and I do hope you don't mind (at least not too much).  It sure seems like when it rains, it pours.  Such is this season for me lately.

I mentioned about our sleeping issues HERE and then our Advent issues HERE.

Then late Monday morning one of my little guys ended up getting sick to his stomach.  I think it was just too much chocolate from St. Nick so early in the morn.  Since then no one else has gotten it, so that is why I think so. At least I can hope! :)   It was enough to throw me for a loop as any mother knows---we become almost obsessed with every noise and movement they make running with a bucket after them or making sure a radius of 5 feet around the couch is covered in blankets and towels!!!  Ok, that is too gross too early in the morning to talk anymore about so I'll stop there...

Then yesterday was the bomb.

2 kids in the Emergency Room simultaneously...but for totally different reasons.  My oh my.

My little 2 yr old fell into the corner of the fireplace with bricks, right on the corner on his temple.  Anytime the head gets a laceration, watch out-blood everywhere!  It was so nasty.  It looked horrible and I flipped out.  My hubby made it home in his shortest time ever (thank God no cops sighted him!).

He was home no more than 5 mins then I took the 2 yr old to the ER.

I was there in the ER no more than 15 minutes and then I got a call from hubby that our 10 yr old was having a major allergic reaction with hives everywhere and he started to say his throat was sore.  (This is totally new to him and any of our kids-we never had anything like this before.  We have no allergies in our family and we still cannot pinpoint what the hives came from).   In less than 2 mins, he and all the 5 kids were en route to the ER. 

I was freaking out.  I could not be there for my 10 yr old, but thank God my hubby was.  But it still is not the same as a momma.

Once I saw him walk through to the ER, my heart sunk as looked absolutely horrible and to think I just saw him 20 mins before!!?!?  So, there I was with 2 of my kidos-my oldest and youngest both sharing a stretcher in the ER.

Never a dull moment.

After 4 hours, a little bit of nickelodeon and an Iwo Jima movie, 3 medications, special super glue for the hole in my 2 yr old's head, and no nap for the cranky 2 yr old... we were home.

The stress that comes with all this the past few weeks is close to unbearable.  But on this great feast day of Mary- the Immaculate Conception, I do feel some consolation.

May you have a blessed feast day.  May Mary intercede on my behalf with my greatest desires.  Amen.

God bless,

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Katherine said...

oy vey. What a day. I'm so sorry. I hope things get better! It sounds like you all need a real day off!