Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis' the photo Christmas card season!

Tis' the season for Christmas photo cards!

Are you done with ordering your Christmas cards yet?

If you are like ME and not done YET, then wait right there.

Check out these really cool, and I mean, REALLY AWESOME Christmas Photo Cards from Shutterfly
My family members have used shutterfly and this will be my FIRST time ever using them.  I can't wait!

(FYI---pics below are NOT my own kidos but samples from the Shutterfly website)

I think it will be perfect this year since I cannot decide on just one picture, I think it is time I change it up a bit and do something creative like this:

I like the black and white pics with the red and green standing out very clearly!  And the year 2010 is important too! :)

OR how about this one:

My favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night" (esp by Josh Groban!) and so I think that this one is really nice but only fits ONE picture but still it's so pretty!  Here it is:

This one too!!!:

Oh wow, check this one out...

I REALLY like this one a lot since I can add in a little blurb about our family and how we moved with our new address.  Since we are now a bit further away from family...this would be perfect!  So far, this one is in the lead. 

Here is one that is simple and to the point and kind of like the ones that I have sent in the past years:

And this one too reminds me of ones that I have sent out:

This one is really cute too with lots more pics than just 1 or 2:

As I was looking through what shutterfly offers, I came across Birth Announcements too!  With our new baby due soon, this would be perfect, don't you think?

A few years ago my sister made some personalized calenders and I also have a friend who does it every single year for certain family members.  I did not think I could ever be that organized or on top of things to do it but Shutterfly makes it so easy.  Click HERE for the link.

I hope that I can get to these photo Christmas cards within these next few days! 

Friends, please keep an eye out for our card!!!

Gdo bless,

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