Saturday, February 19, 2011

800th post~! Why Big Families rock!

Reasons why big families rock: :)
There are so many reasons but here are a few from the last few days):

  • There is always someone to play with or annoy
  •  If one does not want to play baseball, go play soccer w/another
  •  There are extra hands to make this Momma breakfast in bed for no reason at this morning! ... for when I asked them they said "B/c your our Momma, that's why."  I LOVE THESE KIDS!  BTW, their breakfast was awesome, homemade waffles and fruit salad :) 
  • Extra hands make work light! (esp. when this Momma decides to totally rearrange our home-move bedrooms and make the old living room a play room and trying to make a pantry out of a closet b/c our kitchen is extremely small and everything else to make a big homeschooling family run smoothly...)
  •  Older siblings to hold a new baby so this Momma can actually take a shower or cook dinner.
  • There is always someone to read a book to you
  •  The older kids make an obstacle course outside in the (dare I say?!) 70* weather for all the kids-so creative :)
  •  Big kids helping to put socks and shoes on their little buddies
  •  Bigger siblings wanting and willing to hold our new baby and burp her too! :)
  • Someone to always crack a joke or make me laugh
  • Never a dull moment-always keeping busy-never have to think or wonder if I am lazy or wasting my time :)
  • Enough hands to push 3 carts to go food shopping at our food shopping outing last night-what a sight that was!!!!
  • Many times you are asked by God to sacrifice, given the chance to give up selfishness and isn't that what life is all about?  Sure is.

More to come someday I have more time....

********I was asked this week how many kids I have and I almost slipped and said 6! haaa!! :)  First time I've been asked and I happily responded 7 :)

She said "And you homeschool too?  Wow, you must be so patient." 

You get that response too?  Well, I laughed out loud and said:

"Not really but I sure ask for it all the time." 

So true.  Just b/c us mommas of big families have lots of kidos it does not mean that we are so patient!  haa haa LOL. 

....But we have plenty of opportunities to practice it I guess :)

I think that 7 sure feels SO much mroe than 6 and I am getting used to thinking and realizing we fit that category of a "big family". 

When does that start anyway...after that 2.1 kid mark?  Who knows...

God bless and enjoy your weekend!  I know I will-my 2 sisters (w/none of their kids) are coming to visit...just because...oh I love them!  Plenty of wine, chick flicks and laughter w/my sisters...good times...I am so grateful we live near each other now (well, one is 4 hours away and one is 3 hours away-way closer than before!). 

Thank you God for this gift of family- I am forever grateful.

God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

wait, you get to shower??? AND nap??
Where have I gone wrong?