Sunday, February 6, 2011

Part III Birth Story

I'm trying to type as fast as I can hand! :) 

Hubby took all my kids for a little walk and me and sweet baby are home...alone!  I have been wanting to just finish her birth story b/c I know you all want to know, right?!?? LOL :)

Here we go...

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Tuesday January 18, 2011

OBGYN breaks my water
No hubby yet...
I was just talking w/my new doula and with my nurse, which we both found out that we have LOTS in common-we kept laughing over all the things we had in common!  In fact, she gave me her name and email b/c we kept agreeing, nodding our heads and laughing at the craziest things we had in common!
I am feeling that everything is peachy at this time. And wondering if and when I will have those strong contractions to have this little baby.


Daddy arrives!!! :)
No traffic, no problems and now I am so ready to have our baby :)  My prayers were answered and I was gleaming w/happiness.  (well, sort of! in a weird sort of way!!!! lol)
Daddy is looking at me, like "Are you in labor yet?" 
Not really, just those tight contractions/braxton hicks type of ones on/off every 7-8 mins.

WOWEE!  This was noted as the time for my first real strong contraction!  Then another, then another.  It felt like they jumped from 7-8 mins to 2-3 minutes in a split second.  I knew this was the real deal.  In all about 15-20 mins I was in transition and shaking.  The doula, my hubby or the nurse would ask me questions and I kept replying "I don't know!" which I was told was indicative of transition and about ready to give birth. I was scared and nervous, excited and happy all at the same time.  But one thing was for sure, I wanted this to be over-REALLY QUICK!
The nurse told me how I talked a lot during those moments I did not have a contraction.  I laughed, joked around and then was quiet through the contraction.  She told me that not all moms talk during labor and that I was really funny to be around! haaa-whatever!!!  :)

Ready to push!  Here we go!

My Baby girl was born!   

So, there ya go!!! 
God bless,

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Nicole from Canada said...

Absolutely loved your birth story Mary!
Way to go - you are my hero!
I am so proud of you!