Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm pouch-ing it these days

I'm looking like this most these days:

Baby loves to snuggle in my pouch, THIS one...

I have used these ever with my 2nd baby on and they basically 'live' in these things!  I did not know of them with my first born-and anyway, I did everything everyone told me to do w/my first born! haaa :)  Nieve mom we all were back then!!!! :)  lol

More moms now a days say they can't live without a MOBY wrap...I have never tried those ...not yet at least. 

But for the past 8 1/2 yrs, this one called "Over the shoulder baby holder" is my absolute favorite.  I have also another wrap that I use when the baby gets bigger and chunkier, on occasion. 

But really, I don't go anywhere without my pouch and I use it ever so much throughout my day, unless a big kid can hold the baby, which in my case, this is the FIRST time I have had 2 such big kids to do such things!!! Life with a baby is MUCH Much much different when the 2 oldest are 10 and 8!!!

Woweeee, I am starting to get a clue to what other seasoned moms used to say to me..."things will be different once your oldest turns 10, I promise you!"  and that promise is starting to come true....much different this time around. 

Thank You God for keeping me strong and persevering through these last 10 years, it is started to pay off! 

God bless,

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