Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

As if Monday mornings weren't bad to begin with. Now tie a snowy Monday morning in with a sleepless night and Boom!- Oh my, where is my coffee?!
Maybe it is the lack of energy release due to the frigid cold but for some reason, my kids were up SO much last night. Crying here, nursing there...finding kid #1 in the den wide awake with the lights on at 2:57am. Yes, at 2:57am...he thought since Kid #5 was not in his crib (the clue its okay to come out in the morning) that it was time to wake up. No wonder...he did not realize that this Mommy was sleeping with him on the couch! Hopefully this will not become a habit. I am not fond of middle of the night wake-ups and sleep-on-the-couch routine...then again, I don't think many parents are! :)
I am off to make this Monday a good one. Pray for me and pray that my morning coffee cup #2 takes effect!
God bless,

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Ryan said...

I love this blog!!!It sounds very simliar to the night I had?!?!

Don't for get to mention that Dad while backing/sliding down the driveway today knocked over all the trash cans and trash into the road.