Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jesus' Baptism Reflections

Preparing for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is tomorrow...I was reading the Bible this morning and a passage hit me strongly. It was Mark 1:7-13. It states that immediately afterward John baptized Jesus did He, driven by the Holy Spirit, go into the wilderness (desert). How many times have we just had an amazing experience of Jesus' love in the sacraments (for me, esp. the Holy Mass or confession) and its as if satan is waiting for us outside the doors to devour us. We become prey to silly ol' satan. He sees us from afar because we are glowing with the love of Jesus. Just outside those doors do we start getting mad at the tons of traffic just leaving Church or snap at our children in the van.Or as soon as we get home do we blow up at our loved ones- just those sins we asked forgiveness for?! Satan knows our weaknesses and he will go ahead and tempt us. No doubt. Just as he tempted Jesus for 40 days, he will do the same to us.
These awesome sacraments also give us much power and strength to resist nasty satan. Lord, help us to never think that these sacraments cannot help us and sustain us. Help us to believe in the power of the sacraments, Lord Jesus.
I am meditating on a book called The Better Part- its a great resource for Christian prayer and in it, it highlights that in this passage that Jesus was his Father's "beloved Son" on whom the Father's "favor rests".
"Up to thispoint of baptism, Jesus had done nothing extraordinary- no miracles, no great speeches, no massive conversions. He had spent 30 years living in a hut in Nazareth, helping his foster-dad in the carpentry shop and doing chores and errands for his mother. And yes, the Father's favor rests on him; the father is well pleased with Him. Why? Because Jesus has been doing what God asked him to do, and he has been doing it with love" (page 344).

This really struick me in a new way b/c at times I can (proudly unfortunatly) say that I am doing God's will. Hey, I am home with the children. I am loving my husband. I am teaching our children at home. I am raising them. I am doing the duties of a housewife, a mother and caring for my children. But, am I doing it all with LOVE?
I thought of song by Marie Bellett- She is a singer song writer and mom of many boys-8 and 1 girl; and uses her songs to sing about motherhood! There is one specific song of hers that I listen to so much my children sing along with me... Ay Yi Yi. I cannot find the lyrics of it right now but it is an awesome reminder to do all things with great LOVE.
Lord, teach me to love You, love those You gave me, love who I am (imperfections and all), and put Your Great LOVE into all I do. All I do is for You, Lord. I am Your instrument.
God bless,

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Sam said...

great book to meditate on!!! Keep up the good work...sometimes when I know I am going to loose it I put duck tape on my mouth. The kids think it is hysterical!!!