Saturday, July 24, 2010

School Thoughts 2010-2011

It has begun.  I have officially started researching homeschooling options for this upcoming year.  I am interestd in seeing if some other programs would fit my children and our family dimensions better this year.  It's the most children I have ever had to prepare for since I'll be teaching:

a 4th grader
a 1st/2nd grader
a 1st grader
a kindergartener

I am looking into a Catholic online or virtual academy for my 4th grader and looking for an all boxed together somewhat easy but thorough and Catholic for my younger ones.  I have used Seton for the past 5 years schooling but am pretty sure that it will work out this year for us. 

This leaves me to starting the research all over again. 

What do you use?  Do you like it?  Would you recommend it to me?  Thanks!

God bless, Mary

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