Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Takes for Today

1.   Pickles taste very very good to me lately ;)  I am close to 4 months now ;).

2.  When its this hot out, there is only one thing to do...SWIM and SWIM alot!

3.  When there is actually a real playroom in a house, how come the kids don't play in it?

4.  Those massive huge rubber bands from moving companies are fun toys for the kids to keep them occupied.  But what a worry they are also! yikes.

5.  You can never play enough hide and seek, esp. in a new house.

6.  A certain 3 year old will undoubtly complain that his 'tummy hurts' just to soften his momma to give him ginger ale.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Every day.  Yup.

7.  Dress up clothes are so fun for the kids and so much fun for momma to see them having fun doing!  I get them and any random accessory at tag/yard sales-super cheap too!  (psst.  I sometimes join in too!:)

8.  Lastly, if your kids have a hide out and a secret password to use to get in.   You may not know what it is but try this one, b/c it may just work...try "Ag Gold"!  If you see this post, you'll know why! haaa haaa

God bless!

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