Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimmers Ear stinks

...esp. having it a second time in 2 weeks.
...and having it when it so very very hot and humid almost 100* every single day.
...and having it and still have to go to the pool w/ the family.
...and having it and not being allowed to go IN the pool for an entire WEEK!

My poor 8 yr old daughter, who is a real fish in the water has this swimmers ear.  She is a tough cookie!  Her ear hurt for 4-5 days before telling me!  She did not want to not be able to swim.  Poor thing.  She is the one who was in the ICU back in Sept 09, and she is crying b/c her ear hurts. 

This Momma's heart hurts too, seeing her like this.

Any ideas on how to pass the time for her? 

Thanks and God bless,

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